How do I add Z-Wave Compatibility to My L5200?

Like it's predecessor the L5100, the Honeywell L5200 is capable of being used as a full-fledged Z-Wave controller. The only piece that needs to be added into the unit is the L5100-ZWAVE.

Installing the Z-Wave unit is incredibly easy and should only take a minute or two. The first step is to pop open the L5200 by depressing the tab at the top. Then as you're facing the panel, add the L5100-ZWAVE to the edge connector on the left side. For those that have the iLP5, the GSMVLP5-4G, or the 4GL installed, you will need to remove that module first since the edge connector that the Z-Wave module sits on will be under those modules.

For those looking for more visual instruction, the video on how to put the L5100-ZWAVE in the L5200 can be found below:

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