How Do I Change the Installer Code on a DSC Neo Panel?

To change the Installer Code, you must know the current Installer Code. Press [*] + [8] + Installer Code (default 5555). Enter programming option 006, press [*]. In sub-menu option 001 press [*]. The current Installer Code is displayed. Enter the new 4-digit code. Press [#] until you exit.

If you do not know the current Installer Code and your system is monitored, your alarm dealer can change the code via the Partner Portal or Mobile Tech App. If you have just moved into a new home or business with an existing system, hopefully, the previous owner set the Installer Code back to the default or provided you with the existing code.

If they didn't provide you with the proper information, and the Installer Code is not set to the default, don't fear. Once the previous monitoring account has been canceled with, your alarm dealer should be able to set up a new account for you. If necessary, once the account has been created you can press and hold the three (3) key on a push-button keypad for two (2) seconds to send a test signal. Once the system is registered to your new account, you can ask your alarm dealer to either change the Installer Code for you or provide you with the Installer Code so that you can change it yourself.

At Alarm Grid, we recommend that our users keep the Installer Code set to the default. This is because, for many systems, the Installer Code can neither arm nor disarm. For systems where the Installer Code can disarm the system, it can only do so if it was used to arm it. So, as long as you don't arm your system using the Installer Code, there is no danger of someone who knows the default code disarming it.

To change the Installer Code on a DSC PowerSeries NEO panel using a push-button LCD keypad such as the HS2LCD, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Programming: At the keypad enter [*] + [8] + [Current Installer Code]. The default Installer Code is 5555. This will bring you into programming. On an LCD keypad, the display should read "Select (000) < > Program Labels."
  2. Enter Menu Location 006. You have two (2) options. You can press the right arrow key (>) until you reach Menu Location 006, or you can enter 006 using the number pad. The screen should display "Select (006) < > Installer Codes." Press [*] to select this menu option.
  3. Enter Sub-menu 001. Once you press [*] you will automatically be in sub-menu option 001. The display should read "Select (001) < > Installer Code." Press [*] to select this option.
  4. Enter new code. The existing Installer Code will be displayed. Enter the new Installer Code. You will see each digit of the Installer Code change as you enter the new code. Verify that you have entered it correctly as you go along. After you enter the last digit, you will automatically be returned to the previous screen ("Select (001) < > Installer Code.")
  5. Exit program mode. Press [#] repeatedly. Each press will return you to the previous menu option until finally, you exit programming.
  6. Test the code. Be sure to test the new Installer Code by re-entering programming. If somehow you typed the new code in incorrectly, you will need to get your alarm dealer to reset the code for you as mentioned above.

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