How Do I Connect an Android to a DSC Impassa?

You can connect an Android to a DSC Impassa by using the Mobile App. The Impassa System must be connected with an active account. It will need active cellular monitoring service to work with This requires a cellular radio and a cellular monitoring plan.

By accessing, a user can control their DSC Impassa Alarm System in many different ways. The platform allows users to arm and disarm their system, check the status of sensors, control Z-Wave devices and more. By accessing the Mobile App on an Android Phone, a user can perform these actions from almost anywhere.

If you would like to connect an Android device with a DSC Impassa, complete the following steps:

1. Get cellular monitoring. The only way that a security system can connect with the service is if it has active cellular monitoring. For the DSC Impassa, it will need to be running firmware version 1.3 or higher and have an active cellular communicator installed. The user will also need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular service. The Gold and Platinum level monitoring plans from Alarm Grid provide this type of communication. Please see our alarm monitoring page for more information.

2. Get on After activating the cellular communicator, the user's alarm monitoring company should send them information about getting started with Follow the instruction in the email to create an password and get logged into the service.

3. Get the mobile app. Open the Google Play Store on the Android device. Find the free Mobile app, and download it to the device.

4. Access the service. Provide the login information into the mobile app. The Mobile App can then be used to control the previously associated DSC Impassa System.

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