How do I disable arm away voice on Honeywell system?

An audible exit warning is a series of sounds from the keypad designed to let you, and anyone else inside the premises, know the system has been armed, and the time to exit is counting down. The sound is usually a one second on/one second off series of beeps, which will increase to rapid beeping during the last 10 seconds of the exit delay period. By disabling the exit warning you will no longer hear the audible countdown after arming the system in the away or maximum mode. Arming in the Stay mode still provides an exit delay period, but there is no audible warning. So by disabling the exit warning the system will not issue any warning sounds during the exit delay period for arm stay or away.

If you have a Honeywell VISTA wired alarm panel like the VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P you can disable the audible exit warning by going into panel programming and setting field *37 to 0.

Follow these steps on a keypad:

  1. Installer Code (4112 is default) + [8] + [00]. You should see 20 or Installer Code 20 on the screen. "No AC" will appear on Fixed English keypads. This is normal while in program mode.
  2. Press *37 followed by 0. You may have to hit zero twice if your panel supports 2 partitions. If you have a Honeywell LYNX Plus (L3000) you will follow the same instructions.
  3. Enter *99 to exit panel programming.

The LYNX Touch panels have a different setting that disables the exit warning. The discontinued L5100, can disable the exit warning by doing the following:

Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (4112 is default) > Program > Down Key > System Settings. You will see the 'Exit Warning' selection in the center of the bottom row in the System Settings menu. Click that until it says, "No." Then be sure to save the changes and back out of programming.

The L5200 and L7000 panels will show the same selection as the earlier model LYNX Touch units, however, the 'Exit Warning' setting will be greyed out, meaning you are unable to disable the warning. This is due to the fact that the newer panels are designed to reduce false alarms, so features like Exit Warning are hard coded and can not be disabled. This ultimately reduces false alarms but does slightly limit your ability to manage the panel settings.

The long and short of it, the VISTA and early model LYNX panels can disable the exit warning, while the new LYNX Touch units and any SIA (false alarm reduction) panels can not disable the audible beeping during exit. If you do have a new LYNX Touch unit and the exit warnings are bothersome. You can simply lower your volume in the Home Screen Settings. This will affect the volume of the exit warning.

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Worked perfectly again .... all is well...appreciate the expert help ...
Thank you kindly, will try it today ...
Yes, you'd have to go back into programming and do a *191 followed by 1 0 (the one enables partition 1 for the keypad and the zero will remove all suppression) and then *99 to exit programming.
That worked for me, is there a way I can change it back to enabling the beeps ? Someone in the family wants it back ...thanks ...
What panel do you have?
I have been trying to disable the beep every time I press the keypad (to arm/disarm the alarm), I see how the exit can be suppressed, is there a way to mute the keypad beeping ?
Yes, it means the keypad is set to address 18. If you enter programming mode and then press *191 followed by 1 1 and *99, that should disable the arm/disarm and entry/exit beeps.
It says 18. Does that mean something?
If you press and hold 1 and 3 together on your keypad, what do you see?
Bummer. I have a Vista 20-P. I don't think lowering the volume is an option. I really want to put my alarm on MAX at night (I have a motion sensor downstairs) but that beeping drives me crazy!
The L5100 doesn't have the Silent Exit option, it was added in the L5200 and later versions of the LynxTouch. Remember, too, that enabling Silent Exit will double the amount of Exit Delay time the panel gives.
Which system do you have? If you have a LYNX Touch you just click the icon beside the silent exit so it turns green. Then enter your code.
How do you know if you have the silent exit toggle option? I've been trying to stop the exit beeping for months!
Yes, you won't be able to do it from the key fob but you should be able to arm silently from the panel.
You mean pressing Arm Away on the control panel? Hmmm, haven't tried that. I always set the alarm with my Keyfob. Will try it and see if it stays set for the keyfob.
When you click Arm Away, do you have the Silent Exit toggle option? With that enabled, you can arm without the exit warning beeps. This settings will double the exit time (to account for SIA false alarm best practices) but at least you won't have to hear the beeps. Hope this helps!
Hi Julia, thanks for the clarification. It's good to know there is a sound reason behing it even though it is annoying. Will lower the volume though.
Nerdo, there is an organization called SIA (Security Industry Association) that sets standards for security systems, among them, standards for false alarm reduction. One of their requirements for SIA certification is that the Audible Exit Warning always be enabled. Some states require panels meet these requirements to be installed in that state. I believe Monitronics requires all their panels meet this standard, regardless of the state it's installed in. If you arm in the stay mode, there is no exit warning, only when you arm away. I know it doesn't change the fact that the beeping is annoying, but sometimes knowing why something is the way it is helps.
I just got my 5100 panel replaced by a 5200 because Monitronics advised to do so due to a change in the local cellular network and my wife hates the 'Alarm Exit Warning' which cannot be disabled. It is really bothersome to listen to a continuous 'beep, beep, beep' and the recommendation to lower the volume is really poor. Honeywell should just enable bacl this option and let the user decide wether to enable it or not to their liking. I'm thinking of just switching to another brand just because of this nuissance.

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