How Do I Disarm a PROA7 or a PROA7PLUS Using a Key Fob?

To disarm a PROA7 or PROA7PLUS with a key fob, press and release the fob's disarm button. Any key fob that is properly programmed to the panel can perform a disarm. The keyfob is assigned to a valid user code during programming and will disarm as long as it is used within wireless range.

To disarm with a keyfob

1. Locate the key fob. Find your PROSIXFOB or SIXFOB. It may be attached to a key ring.

2. Press and hold the Disarm button. Both the PROSIXFOB and SIXFOB use the top right button to disarm. The button has an icon of a shield with a diagonal line through the center. Hold this button for about two (2) seconds, then release and it will disarm your alarm system. Remember that RF transmitting range for the key fob is about 200' (60m) in open air.

3. Verify the disarm was successful. After disarming, both LEDs on the keyfob light up solid green for 2-3 seconds. The LEDs will only show the panel's status for a couple of seconds. A proper LED indication verifies that the disarm command was successful.

Using a key fob can simplify the process of disarming the PROA7 or PROA7PLUS. Since the key fob is bi-directional it can provide status at any time. If you missed the LEDs after disarming, you can still verify the disarm was successful. Press and quickly release any button on the fob. Remember, only do this for a split second. Holding the button down will perform the programmed function of that button. After a quick press and release, the status LEDs will light solid green and the key fob will emit a single beep to show that the panel is disarmed and ready to arm. If there is a faulted zone, the LEDs will instead blink green.

System Status Indications

The table*** below explains what the various led behaviors indicate. To request panel status, quickly press and release any button. Avoid the panic button, to prevent an accidental alarm.

Up to 20 Seconds Both Alternating, then solid 3 Seconds Chirp Device Enrollment to Panel
Solid 2-3 Seconds 2 Beeps System is Armed
Slow Flash 2-3 Seconds 4 Beeps Alarm or Audible Panic
Solid, 2-3 Seconds 1 Beep Disarmed - Ready to Arm
Slow Flash, 2-3 Seconds Disarmed - Not Ready to Arm
Rapid Flash RF Transmission
1 Beep Not Hearing from Panel
Fast Flash 2 seconds Deleting the Keyfob from the Panel

***This chart is taken from PROSIXFOB installation and Setup Guide.

Right out of the box, the PROA7 and PROA7PLUS can support SIX and PROSIX key fobs. The PROSIXFOB and the SIXFOB are bi-directional and encrypted key fobs. Some users may have a key fob left over from an older system. The addition of a PROTAKEOVER module will allow other wireless sensor technologies to work with the ProSeries panel. These technologies include Honeywell 5800, 2GIG 345 MHz, DSC 433 MHz (Not PowerG), Qolsys and Interlogix 319.5 MHz, and Bosch 433 MHz Sensors. Although most uni-directional security sensors will work, the PROTAKEOVER module WILL NOT add support for the legacy key fobs. Because of this, the only key fobs supported on the ProSeries panels are the PROSIXFOB and the SIXFOB. As shown they both are identical with the only difference being the firmware version. Once a SIXFOB is learned into a ProSeries panel and is updated, its firmware matches a PROSIXFOB. From that point on, it can no longer be used with a Lyric Alarm System.

Key fobs can be a convenient accessory to your alarm system. They allow arming and disarming from at least a 200' range. Key fobs come with a ring attached that you can easily connect directly to your existing house or car keyring. The keyring makes the fob easy to grab and use. Key fobs also add another level of protection. They have a button available that can be used as a panic alarm, in the event that an emergency occurs as you travel between your car and your home, or once you get inside.

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