How do I Enable/Disable the Loud Beep On a Lyric Gateway?

A user will need to notify their alarm monitoring company to enable or disable the Arm Confirm feature on the Lyric Gateway.

The loud beep that a user could experience when interacting with a Lyric Gateway most likely has to do with the Arm Confirm feature. This feature can be enabled for RF arming and disarming and has the panel annunciate a loud beep to confirm that the system has been armed or disarmed. This feature can be programmed to work only with keyfobs, only RF keypads, or with any RF device that arms/disarms the system. By default the Arm Confirm feature is enabled to work with keyfobs.

The tone that the panel produces with this feature is quite loud, and the sound for arming differs from the sound for disarming, so if enabled, it’s a good idea not to use a keyfob to arm/disarm when standing right next to the panel. The confirmation tone is meant to be heard from outside the location, but a user can also use it to know that their system has successfully armed or disarmed when interacting via keyfob from a bedroom, or any other location inside the premises, not within view of the panel.

The Lyric Gateway is compatible with 5800 wireless sensors and SiX Series sensors. The 5800 wireless sensors are uni-directional, non-encrypted, and have a 200 foot operating range. The 5834-4 or the 5834-4EN are the keyfobs from the 5800 line, and are compatible with the Lyric Gateway. The SiX Sensors are bi-directional, fully encrypted, and have a 300 foot operating range. The SIXFOB is the keyfob from this product line which is also compatible with the Lyric Gateway. Both the SiX FOB and the 5834-4 can be configured with a 4 or 8 button layout, providing single and two-button press operation, when enabled.

The Lyric Gateway is manufactured with a built in WIFI communicator. The system also has an integrated Ethernet jack and expansion bays where a cellular communicator can be installed. The system has an AT&T and Verizon cell module available and a user would want to select the module that corresponds to the strongest cell service in their area as both modules provide the same functionality.

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