How Do I Enter Walk Test Mode on a Vista Panel?

You can enter walk test mode on a Vista panel by entering the command "[Installer Code] + 5". Then press "0". The default installer code is 4112. The Vista system must be ready in order to begin a walk test. If successful, the siren on the system will sound for approximately one second.

Complete the following steps to conduct a walk test:

1. Prepare your system. Contact your alarm monitoring company and have them put your system on test before conducting a walk test. You must restore any faulted zones before you can start the test. You can press the * key to display any faulted zones. Also, make sure that your system is disarmed.

If you are testing wireless motion detectors, make sure that they are either in test mode at the motion or cover them with a small towel, and then wait 3 minutes before beginning the test.

2. Enter the command. At a keypad for the partition you wish to test, enter the walk test command, which is: "[Installer Code or Master Code] + 5", at the "Dial or Walk" screen press "0". The default Installer Code is "4112", and the default Master Code is "1234".

After doing this, the siren should sound for about a second, assuming that the battery is present and sufficiently charged. The keypad where the test command was entered will display the following:

Keep in mind that the walk test is partition specific. This means that if multiple partitions exist, they should be walk tested separately. While in test mode, the keypad will sound a single beep about every 30 seconds, as a reminder that test mode is active.

3. Test your contacts. Open each door and window that you want to test. As you open each point, you should hear 3 beeps from the keypad, and the zone number that is being faulted should be displayed. Once the zone fault has been indicated, close the point, and its zone number should disappear from the display. This portion of the test is most easily done with two people, one to fault zones, while the other monitors the display

4. Test your motions. Walk in front of wired motions to test them. Again, as each sensor is faulted, you should hear 3 beeps, and the zone number should appear on the keypad. For wireless motions, if they are in test mode locally at the motion, treat them exactly like a wired motion. If not, then remove whatever you covered them with earlier. This should cause them to fault and then restore within seconds.

5. Test life safety devices. If life safety devices, such as smoke detectors, or carbon monoxide detectors are present, test each by following the manufacturer's instructions for the device.

6. Exit walk test mode. Once all devices have been tested, exit Walk Test by entering "(any valid Code) + 1". If you forget and accidentally leave test mode active, then the system will exit this mode on its own after 4 hours. Five minutes before the test expires, it will begin to emit a double beep every 30 seconds.

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You're welcome, if you don't get the issue resolved after trying these steps, please let us know.
Hi Julia. It really makes sense. I am on business trip now. I will re-test it after I return home as you instructed. Mega thanks
Harry, I'm guessing you're arming in Away, but not faulting an entry/exit door during the exit delay. Doing so will usually switch the panel to auto-stay mode (this is a false alarm reduction feature, and is enabled by default in panel programming). Basically, the panel believes you didn't leave the house, so to keep you from causing a motion alarm, it switched from Away to Stay after the countdown was over. When the panel arms in Stay or Instant mode, all interior zone types are automatically bypassed. Arm Away or Maximum, open and close a door with a contact on it, as you would if you were actually leaving, allow the countdown to complete for Exit Delay, then walk in front of the motions. Since you mentioned LED's on the motions I'm assuming they are hardwired motions. If they are wireless, there is another feature that can cause issues. Wireless motions, when they are not in test mode (you can tell because they will no longer light the red LED when you walk in front of them) will only transmit once every three minutes, no matter how many times you walk in front of them. This is done to preserve battery life. If these are wireless motions, I would follow the same instructions as above, but would then also wait an extra two and a half minutes or so, before walking in front of the motions.
HI. When I performed this TEST mode ( Honeywell Ademco ), my door contacts and motion sensors worked well with 3 beeps and Red light on motion sensors. So I thought it's well done. But in real alarm mode, only motion detectors didn't function while door/window contacts work well. When I set Alarm ( Stay, Away, Instant ..) and walk around motion sensors, it doesn't trigger siren and doesn't dial to the monitoring center. Any clue for this situation?

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