How Do I Find the MAC/CRC on a Honeywell L7000?

You can find the MAC/CRC on a Honeywell L7000 by opening up the system's Comm Diagnostics Menu in Programming. You will need both the MAC and the MAC CRC codes during your initial service activation when your alarm monitoring company is connecting the system with the AlarmNet Servers.

Honeywell l7000 wireless home security system with 7 inch screen

The MAC and CRC are both required when registering a Honeywell Alarm System with AlarmNet. These codes are related to the communicator that the system uses. The L7000 can use either a WIFI connection or a cellular connection, or it can use both for an ultra-reliable dual-path setup. For WIFI connectivity, a Honeywell L5100-WIFI card is required. Meanwhile, a cellular connection will require a cellular communicator, such as a Honeywell LTE-L57A or a Honeywell LTE-L57V. Any communication path will need to be registered with AlarmNet.

An end user can easily identify legitimate MAC and CRC codes if they know what to look for. The MAC is a 12-character code of letters and numbers. A MAC will often begin with a "MAC Prefix" that can help identify the communicator. The CRC consists of four digits, all of which are numbers. The name CRC is actually short for "MAC CRC". Both codes can be found in the same location in the L7000 System.

If you want to find the MAC and CRC codes on an L7000, complete the following steps:

1. Access Comm Diagnostics. Begin from the main system menu. Select Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program > Comm Diagnostics. You will enter the Comm Diagnostics Menu.

2. Show the codes. Press the down arrow on the right side of the screen. Find the option "Communication ID Numbers", and click on it. The MAC and MAC CRC will both appear at the top of the screen.

3. Save the codes. Make sure to write down both the MAC and MAC CRC and save them in a safe location. You might need them sometime in the future.

4. Return to main screen. Repeatedly press the return arrow in the upper-right corner until you are taken back to the main screen. Select "Yes" when you are asked if the Installer should be allowed to re-enter programming.

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