How Do I Fix the "Cannot Connect, PDP Denied" Error On My 2GIG GC2 3G Cell Communicator?

You can fix the "Cannot Connect, PDP Denied" error on your 2GIG GC2 3G cellular communicator by activating and cancelling three (3) walk tests, then quickly attempting a cell phone test, waiting ten (10) minutes, and then attempting another cell phone test. The second test should pass.

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If you encounter the "Cannot Connect, PDP Denied" error on your GC2, then it means that your system is unable to connect with the cellular network. You may see this error during initial activation, or on a system that has been activated and communicating to previously. This condition will leave your system unmonitored and unable to connect with The best way to fix this problem is to refresh the cellular communicator for the system so that is able to connect successfully. There is a cellular refresh process that you can attempt to accomplish this task.

The "Cannot Connect, PDP Denied" error is largely associated with 3G and CDMA cellular communicators for the 2GIG GC2. no longer allows new activations for 3G communicators. This is because 3G cellular networks are set to be shut down in the coming years. Once its associated cellular network is shut down, a communicator will stop working entirely. As of August 2020, there are still many GC2 Systems using old 3G and CDMA communicators.

When you get a "Cannot Connect, PDP Denied" error, then you can attempt to refresh the cellular communicator so that it can connect with the network. This process does not have a perfect success rate, and you may need to try multiple times to get a successful connection. Also keep in mind that this fix only provides a temporary solution, as all 3G and CDMA cellular communicators are due to stop working in the coming years.

If you cannot perform a successful cellular refresh after multiple attempts, then you should replace the communicator ASAP. Without a functional cellular communicator, your GC2 System will be left unmonitored. When replacing the communicator, make sure to get an LTE module, such as the 2GIG LTEA-A-GC2 or the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2. As of August 2020, only LTE cellular communicators can be activated for service with

Refreshing a 3G communicator is only a temporary fix until you can get an LTE communicator, hopefully before the 3G sunset. But if you want to try and refresh a 3G communicator for a 2GIG GC2, complete the following steps:

1. Enter Installer Toolbox. Start from the main screen of the GC2 System. Click the 2GIG logo in the bottom-right corner. Enter the system's Installer Code (default 1561). You will enter the Installer Toolbox.

2. Cancel three walk tests. Click the "Walk Test" option, and then immediately click the "Cancel" button in the bottom-left corner. Repeat this three (3) times to cancel a total of three (3) walk tests.

3. Attempt cell phone test. Very quickly after cancelling the third walk test, choose the option for "Radio Status". Then click the "Cell Phone Test" button in the bottom-right corner. This will initiate a cell phone test. This first cell phone test will most likely take several seconds to complete, and it should not be successful. This is normal. Continue to the next step upon failing the initial cell phone test.

4. Wait ten minutes. You must now wait at least ten (10) minutes. This will give your system's cellular communicator an opportunity to refresh itself. Just leave the GC2 System at the failed cell phone test screen during this time.

5. Attempt another cell test. After waiting a minimum of ten (10) minutes, click the OK button in the bottom-right. Then repeat Step 3 by attempting another cell test. This second test should go through successfully. If not, continue to the next step.

6. Repeat the process. If your system did not pass the second cell phone test, then you can try the process again, starting from Step 1. The cellular communicator refresh process does not have a perfect success rate. Multiple attempts may be needed to achieve a successful cell phone test. If you try the test two or three times and it still fails, then you will most likely need to replace the communicator. In which case, continue to the final step.

7. Replace the communicator. If the cell phone test fails after multiple attempts, then it is likely that the existing communicator will never register successfully. You should replace the cellular communicator for the system as soon as possible. Make sure to get an LTE communicator for the system, as they are the only ones that can be activated for monitoring service as of August 2020. For more information about upgrading a 2GIG GC2 to LTE, please see this helpful FAQ.

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