How Do I Upgrade My 2GIG GC2 to an LTE Communicator?

In order to upgrade the 2GIG GC2 to the Verizon LTE Communicator, the panel must be on version 1.17 or higher. First, power the system completely down. Then, remove the existing communicator. Install the new LTE communicator, and make sure to install both antennas. Then re-apply power.

2gig cp21 345 front

There are a number of reasons to install a new LTE communicator in an existing 2GIG GC2 panel. Better signal strength and faster signaling are just a couple of reasons. When swapping the module in an existing panel, make sure to coordinate with the alarm monitoring company. This will prevent any panel information or configuration settings from being lost.

The monitoring company will need the serial number from the new LTE communication module. It is a good idea to take a picture of all the stickers on the module prior to installing it in the alarm panel. The monitoring company will tell you when it's time to install the new module. When they do, follow these steps:

1. Power down the system. Unplug the panel's transformer. Remove the small screw from the top of the 2GIG GC2 panel. Make sure to put it in a safe place so that it is not lost. Pull the front of the panel away from the back mounting plate. Use the "third hand" to suspend the main panel from the back plate. Unplug the battery, and verify that the system has powered completely down. The screen should be dark, and it should not respond when you touch either of the buttons below the touchscreen.

2. Remove the existing radio. Carefully disconnect any existing antennas (shown in the image as number one). Remove the two screws that are holding the existing radio in place (shown in the image as number two). Carefully pull the existing radio straight up from the main panel (shown in the image as number three). Make sure you avoid bending any pins on the connector.

3. Install the new radio. With the system still powered down, line the new LTE communicator up with the radio connector and the existing screw holes. After making sure that the device is lined up properly, gently press the LTE communicator board onto the connector. Use the two screws and the locking washers provided to secure the communicator in place.

4. Install the antennas. The LTE communicator comes with two antennas. Both must be used to achieve satisfactory signaling. The antenna connected to port A should be routed outside the alarm panel. Make sure you do not route the antenna wire across the top of the LTE communicator. Instead, route the wiring for the antenna as shown in the image below. The antenna connected to port B should be routed inside the alarm panel, where it will remain. There is a small removable flap on the left side of the panel where this antenna can be placed. Route the external antenna out through the hole in the back plate, as far away from the alarm panel as possible. Avoid mounting it near metal objects, as they may disrupt the signal.

5. Re-apply power and re-mount. Plug in the back-up battery. Place the main panel on the back plate. Line up the top first, and then swing the bottom of the panel down. Then snap it into place. Make sure all wires are properly tucked into place and that none are being pinched. Re-install the locking screw in the top of the panel, and tighten it down. Plug the transformer for the panel back into the outlet. The panel will begin powering up. The alarm monitoring company will walk you through the rest of the registration process.

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