How Do I Get My System to Text Me when a Gate is Opened?

You can get your system to text you when a gate is opened by getting the system set up with an interactive service. An interactive service like Total Connect 2.0 or can send you text alerts when a security sensor has been activated. This includes a contact used to monitor a gate.

One of the main uses of an interactive service for a security system is to send the end user text and/or email alerts regarding system events. One important type of system event is the activation of security sensors. By creating an or Total Connect 2.0 account, you can receive a text alert when your gate has been opened. Whether you use TC2 or ADC will depend on the type of system you own. Total Connect 2.0 is designed exclusively for use with Honeywell Alarm Systems, while will work with systems from many different manufacturers.

In order for a system to connect with A cellular connection with cellular monitoring service is needed. However, Total Connect 2.0 will allow most Honeywell Systems to work with either a cellular or an IP connection. Please review our alarm monitoring page to find out if the plan you're interested in includes access to Total Connect 2.0 or

Complete the following steps to get your system to text you when a gate is opened:

1. Get an interactive service. If you are using ADC, make sure your system has a cellular connection and that you have cellular alarm monitoring plan. If you are using TC2, make sure that you have a compatible Honeywell System with either a cellular or IP connection. Your alarm monitoring company should send you the resources needed to get started with either Total Connect 2.0 or

You will also want to download either the Mobile App or the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App to receive text alerts. Both of these apps are available for most iOS and Android devices. They can both be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can login to the mobile app using your ADC or TC2 account information.

2. Set up a sensor. In order for an interactive service platform to alert you when a gate has been opened, there will need to be a sensor that is monitoring the gate. Assuming that the gate is outdoors, you will need to use an outdoor door and window contact. An outdoor contact is unlikely to become damaged in inclement weather. One example of such a contact is the Honeywell 5816OD. Make sure that the sensor you choose is compatible with your security system.

The sensor will need to be installed and programmed. Assuming that it is a standard door and window contact, the sensor should be mounted on the stationary part of the gate. The Magnet should be mounted on the moving part of the gate, ideally within about a half-inch of the sensor. When the gate is opened, the magnet will separate from the sensor. This will cause a reed switch inside the sensor to activate. The sensor will detect this and send an alert to the system to let it know that the gate has been opened.

To program the sensor, the system should be put into its wireless enrollment mode. Then activate the sensor to have it automatically recognized by the system. Once the sensor is learned-in, its settings and configurations can be adjusted. This can include choosing a Response Type and providing a name for the sensor.

3. Get text alerts. Make sure that you are receiving text alerts from or Total Connect 2.0. If you are, then your interactive service will send you a text alert when the contact has been activated by the gate being opened. You can set your notification settings from Total Connect 2.0 or to determine which notifications you receive.

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