How Do I Install/enroll A 5800PIR-RES to a L7000?

Learning the 5800PIR-RES to the Lynx 5100 takes about 30 seconds. Installing the sensor is not difficult either, and can be done fairly quickly.

To install it, it's best to put it about 7.5 to 8 feet off the ground in a corner mount position so as to cover the most area. The backplate comes off, and allows you to drill into the wall behind it where you wish to mount it. After you've drilled into the back, place wall anchors into the holes, put the back plate back on the wall and screw it in. You can then take the front of the 5800PIR-RES, snap it to the back plate, and perform your walk test mode.

For a simple, visual explanation, the following video shows a full installation of the 5800PIR-RES

Walk test modes will let you know how much of a room is covered. You can perform a walk test for 10 minutes after you have put the batteries in it. You can know which parts of the room are covered in a walk test by watching the LED indicator light inside fo the 5800PIR-RES.

Finally, after you have installed the 5800PIR-RES and are satisfied with what it's picking up, you can learn it to the L5100 in one of two ways. Either, you can type in the serial, which is quick and easy, or you can have the system auto learn the serial by activating the sensor 3 times as is shown in following video.

To program the device in, start at the home screen on your L5100. Select "more", then "tools" then use your Honeywell system's installer code (default 4112). Press "program," select "zones," go to your first new zone and select it, then click "edit". Click into the serial number box, and either type in the device's serial number or auto enroll by activating the sensor 3 times which you can do while the device is in walk test mode. The other way is to see enroll the device by typing in the serial that is printed on the faceplate.

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Wow! that fixed my issue. Thanks
You should have it set to Interior Follower, unless it's looking at a door programmed to Entry/Exit 1 or 2. In that case, it should be Interior w/Delay. Most motions use loop 1. Be careful about the auto stay arming feature because if you arm to away, but you don't open/lose an entry/exit door, the system will revert back to Stay mode and the motions will be ignored.
I have a motion sensor in my hallway, what is the best setting for it? I don't want it to go off while I have the "arm stay" active. I have also been unable to trigger an alarm when I have the "arm away" enabled. Should I have it on a different loop as well?

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