How Do I Know Which LYNX Panel I Have?

You can figure out which Lynx panel you have by visually identifying it. Each of the different Lynx security panels has certain visual clues that make it easy to differentiate from other Lynx systems. By using these visual clues, you will be able to determine which Lynx panel you have.

The different panels in the Lynx lineup include the LYNXR-24, L3000, L5000, L5100, L5210 and the L7000. Using the following visual descriptions and pictures, you should be able to identify your Lynx panel. If all else fails, you can often find the sticker on the back of the panel to determine its model.

Both the LYNXR-24 and the L3000 include a numerical keypad directly on the panel, making them appear clearly different from the other systems. Additionally, these are the only panels in the Lynx lineup that do not feature a touch screen. A big visual difference between these two panels is that the L3000 has slightly rounded sides, while the LYNXR-24 is strictly rectangular.

Below is a picture of an L3000:

Both the L5000 and the L5100 can be identified by the four buttons directly on the front of the panel. If your Lynx panel has a touch screen and features four buttons on its front, then it is one of these systems. The biggest difference between these two is that the L5000 has grey plastic that surrounds its touch screen in the center, and the four buttons below the touchscreen have both symbols and words on them.

The L5100 comes in two versions. The earlier version has grey surrounding the touchscreen, and its four buttons contain symbols, but no words. There is also a later version of the L5100, which is entirely white.

Here is a picture of an L5000:

And the two versions of the L5100:

The L5200 can be recognized by its two square buttons on the front of the panel. One button has a red triangle, and the other button has a grey house. If the buttons are not square, then it is not an L5200 panel. Also, an L5200 panel will have a speaker in the lower-right portion of its front surface.

Here is a picture of an L5200 panel:

Both the L5210 and the L7000 have speaker indents that run across the entire lower portion of the front surface. Additionally, they both feature two buttons on the front that are not square in shape. One button has a triangle, and the other features a house. When these panels are powered off, these two buttons will be grey. However, when they are turned on, the button with the triangle will be red, and the button with the house will be red or green depending upon which mode the panel is in.

The most notable difference between these two panels is that the L5210 has a 4-1/3 inch screen, while the L7000 includes a 7 inch screen. Also, the L5210 will have indents next to its touch screen that are not present on the L7000.

Here is the L5210:

And the L7000:

The video linked below will further assist in determining which Lynx panel you have.

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