How Do I Program a DSC WS4949 Key Fob to a DSC Impassa?

You can program a DSC WS4949 Key Fob to a DSC Impassa by putting the system into its wireless enrollment mode and then pressing and holding a button on the DSC WS4949 Key Fob for at least three seconds. If done successfully the key fob should be recognized and learned in with the system.

The WS4949 is a 2-button key fob that is designed for use with DSC Alarm Systems. It can work with the Impassa because it operates at the compatible wireless frequency of 433 MHz. The key fob has two buttons - one for arming, and another for disarming. Additionally, if both buttons are pressed and held down, a system panic will be triggered.

Complete the following steps to program a DSC WS4949 with a DSC Impassa:

1. Enter wireless enrollment mode. Start with the DSC Impassa, and make sure the system is powered on and disarmed. Enter in the command [*][8] [Installer Code] [898]. The default Installer Code for the system is 5555. If the command was entered correctly, the screen will display "Wireless Enrollment Mode".

2. Enroll the WS4949. Press and hold either button on the WS4949. It will take about three seconds for the system to recognize the device. When it does, the serial number for the key fob will be displayed on the screen. Confirm that it is correct, and press the [*] key to continue.

3. Choose a key zone. The WS4949 will be assigned to the next available key fob zone by default. In most cases, this zone will work fine, but you can also use the arrow keys on the system to select a different key zone. Once the zone you want to use is displayed, press the [*] key to continue. The key fob will be enrolled with the system.

4. Exit programming. Repeatedly press the [#] key until you return to the main screen. This will exit programming and save any changes that were made.

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