How Do I Program the Honeywell 5800COMBO to a Honeywell VISTA Panel?

You can program the Honeywell 5800COMBO to a Honeywell VISTA Panel by putting the system into its wireless enrollment mode in zone programming and then activating the appropriate test button on the sensor to learn it in. You must then configure its settings. A wireless receiver is required.

Honeywell 5800combo smoke heat and co detector

The Honeywell 5800COMBO is a wireless life-safety sensor that operates at 345 MHz. For complete functionality, the sensor will require five system zones. These zones are for smoke/heat, maintenance, low-temperature/freeze, carbon monoxide, and end of product life. Each zone will use a unique Serial Number and Loop Number combination. Additionally, a tamper function is automatically enrolled and does not need to be programmed.

The CO zones will use a Serial Number that is one digit higher than the Smoke zones. In other words, if the Serial Number used with the Smoke zones is 1111111, then the Serial Number used with the CO zones will be 1111112. Loop Numbers 1 thru 3 are used when enrolling. Loop Number 4 is for the tamper cover function, and that does not need to be programmed.

The following table outlines all the Serial Number and Loop Number combinations:

SMOKE Sensor Loops - Serial Number 1 CO Sensor Loops - Serial Number 2
Loop 1 - Heat/Smoke Alarm (Program as Fire) Loop 1 - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm - (Use CO Zone Type 14)
Loop 2 - Maintenance (Program as 24 Hr. Monitor or 24 Hr. Auxiliary. Automatic on panels with "Smart Contact" enabled, no separate zone required.) Loop 2 - End-of-Life (Trouble) (Program as 24 Hr. Auxiliary or 24 Hr. Monitor. Automatic on VISTA-P Series Panels, no separate zone required.)
Loop 3 - Low Temperature - Freeze Warning (Program as 24 Hr. Auxiliary or Day/Night)
Loop 4 - Tamper (Automatically enrolled, no special programming required) Loop 4 - Tamper (Automatically enrolled, no special programming required)

Remember, you will need to add a wireless receiver to the Honeywell VISTA System to use the Honeywell 5800COMBO. This is necessary for having the sensor communicate with the panel properly. This can be either a standalone module like a Honeywell 5881ENH or keypad with an integrated receiver like a Honeywell 6160RF. You should use an Alphanumeric Keypad when programming a Honeywell 5800COMBO to a VISTA Panel.

Complete the following steps to program a Honeywell 5800COMBO to a Honeywell VISTA Panel:

1. Enter programming. Start from the main screen of the Alphanumeric Keypad with the system disarmed. Enter the command [Installer Code] + [800]. If you are not locked out of programming, the screen should read "Installer Code 20". This indicates that you have entered programming. If the keypad reads just "20", then you are using a Fixed English Keypad. In that case, press *99 to exit programming. Then try again when you have an Alphanumeric keypad.

2. Program the sensor. Press [*56] to access zone programming. Then press [0] to continue. You will then go through and set all of the programming options for the zone. Remember, you will program five zones total if you want full functionality for the 5800COMBO. If there's a sensor function you don't want to use, then you can skip programming for that particular loop. Remember, when moving through programming for each zone, you will press [*] to proceed to the next option. If you make a mistake, you can press [#] to return to the previous option.

First you will choose a two-digit Zone Number. We recommend choosing the first available Zone Number on the system. Then use the subsequent Zone Numbers to program the sensor's other functions. This will help you stay organized. Keep in mind that you cannot use any Zone Number that has already been programmed. On Vista panels, wireless zones begin with zone number 09. You must choose an appropriate two-digit code that represents an available wireless zone on the system. For more information, see Page 19 of the VISTA Programming Guide. Then press [*] to continue.

At the Zone Summary screen, press [*] to continue.

For Zone Type, choose an appropriate two-digit code. Then press [*] to continue. This will determine how the system responds when the sensor and its associated sensor loop is activated. See Page 19 of the VISTA Programming Guide for a complete list of Zone Types. Various Zone Types are also listed below:

For Partition, enter one of the following: [1] for Partition 1, or [2] for Partition 2. Then press [*] to continue. In most cases, Partition 1 is used.

For Report Code, enter [1]. Then press [*]. This will have the sensor report alarms to the central station.

For Input Type, enter [3]. This will have the system recognize that the sensor is wireless, and will supervise the unit for check-in.

When you get to Serial Number, turn your attention to the 5800COMBO. Make sure the batteries are installed. Press and release the appropriate test button for one second to transmit a wireless signal to the VISTA Panel. This causes the detector to send two transmissions for purposes of enrollment. Use the Smoke Test button if you are programming for smoke/heat, maintenance or low-temperature/freeze. Use the CO Test button if you are programming for CO detection or End of Product life monitoring. It may be helpful to bring the 5800COMBO close to the VISTA Panel's keypad while performing this programming. The keypad should beep once, then twice, and the Serial Number will be displayed on the screen. Then press the [*] key to continue.

You will then set the Loop Number. Enter [1] for smoke/heat or CO detection. Enter [2] for maintenance or end of product life. Enter [3] for low-temperature/freeze. Loop 4 is not programmed. Press [*] to continue after making your entry.

Press [*] at the second Zone Summary screen.

You can then decide to program the Alpha. This is also called the Zone Descriptor, and it is used to identify the sensor. You can enter [0] for No or [1] for Yes. If you do decide to program the Alpha, use this FAQ to help you.

You will then be taken to the next Zone Number in the sequence.

3. Program other zones. You can then repeat Step 2 for each of the zones used with the 5800COMBO. If you intend to use all five functions, then you will need to complete that process 5 times. Make sure to set the Loop Number and Zone Type accordingly. Remember, each function will require its own zone.

4. Exit programming and test. After you have programmed every sensor function you want to use, it is time to exit programming. When you get to the screen to enter a Zone Number (see the beginning of Step 2), enter in [00]. Entering in [00] tells the panel you want to exit zone programming. You can then exit programming entirely by entering [*99]. From there, you should make sure your system is on test mode with the central monitoring station and test your 5800COMBO to ensure that it is working properly and was programmed correctly.

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