How Do I Re-arm A Bypassed Zone On a Honeywell System

On a Honeywell Vista panel, if a zone is bypassed, when the system is disarmed it will automatically disable the bypass. To re-arm the Vista system, a user would have to bypass the zone every time to rearm. To bypass a zone on a Vista system, press the bypass key, followed by the number 6 then the zone number. The zone number will always have to be 2 digits. Example for bypassing zone 4: enter 1234604. A green ready light will appear and users can arm the system as usual. To enable Forced Bypass (which will automatically bypass all faulted zones), use the “Quick Bypass” method by entering the 4 digit user code plus the bypass followed by the pound (#) sign. All open zones will be displayed. Display will then show zone bypassed and ready to arm. User may then arm the system as usual.

Intruders may gain access through unprotected openings or have the technical sophistication to bypass an alarm sensor or disconnect an alarm warning device

Lynx TouchL5200 or L7000 has a bypass feature. Once a bypass is enabled you can arm the system as usual and disarming will not disable the bypass.

To enable the bypass feature, the system must be in the disarmed mode.Select the “Zones” icon and a Zone/Bypass display will appear.

Select the zone or zones to be bypassed, then select Bypass.

Selecting the “Bypass All Faulted” button allows to bypass all faulted zones (excluding Panic, Fire or CO zones).

The system will then display a keypad.

Enter a valid user code.

The system returns to the Bypass screen and the zone or zones that are bypassed will be displayed.

Select the return icon to the Security Screen.

Arm the system as usual.

To clear the bypass, the system will need to be in the disarmed state. Select the “Zones” icon. The system displays the Zone screen and the status for each zone will be indicated.

Use the buttons to scroll to additional pages and view the zone status.

If the “Select All” was selected, it scrolls through the following: “Select All”, “Select Alarm”, If the “Select All” was selected, it scrolls through the following: “Select All”, “Select Alarm”, “Select Trouble”, “Select Fault” and Select Bypassed”. The system displays the associated zones.

If one or more zones has been bypassed the “Clear Bypasses” button will be highlighted

To clear the bypass, select the “Clear Bypasses” button.

Enter a valid user code on the displayed keypad. The system returns to the Zones screen.

Select the return icon to return to the Security Screen

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