How Do I Un-Bypass A Bypassed Zone On a Honeywell System?

On a Honeywell Vista panel, when a zone is bypassed, then the system is disarmed that zone will automatically be un-bypassed. To re-arm the Vista system if the zone is still faulted, a user would have to bypass the zone again each time they want to re-arm the system.

To bypass a zone on a Vista system, first enter in the Master Code (default is 1234). Then press the bypass key [6], followed by the zone number. The zone number will always be 2 digits on Vista-21iP and below panels. On Vista-128BPT and Vista-250BPT panels, the zone number will contain 3 digits. Life safety zones such as Fire and Carbon Monoxide can not be bypassed.

Example for bypassing zone 4: enter [User Code] + [6] + [04]. If zone 4 was the only faulted zone, a green ready light will appear and users can then arm the system as usual. The user code must be either a Master Code, or a Standard User.

If you are bypassing zones that are not faulted, and you wish to bypass more than one, you will need to re-enter the bypass command for each zone. For example, if the system is showing ready, but you want to bypass zone 4 and zone 5, then arm the system you would enter: [User Code] + [6] + [04], [User Code] + [6] + [05], then you can arm the system as you usually would. If any zone on the system is faulted however, you would bypass like this: [User Code] + [6] + [04] + [05]. This example assumes zone 4 was not faulted, and zone 5 was faulted. After bypassing zone 5, when all faulted zones are either bypassed or closed, the system will display "Ready to Arm" and you can arm as you normally do.

If "Forced Bypass" is enabled in panel programming (Programming Location *23 = 1) then you can enter [User Code] + [6] + [#]. This will automatically bypass all faulted zones. The system will display ready status, and the user can then arm. Remember, intruders may gain access through unprotected (bypassed) openings.

On the Vista-128BPT and Vista-250BPT the bypass feature operates as a toggle. If you enter the command to bypass a zone when that zone is already bypassed, the zone will be unbypassed. This is the best way to unbypass individual zones. On Vista-21iP and lower panels, a disarm will unbypass all bypassed zones. There is no option to unbypass zones individually. On the Vista-128BPT/250BPT, "Auto Unbypass" upon disarm can be enabled or disabled per partition in programming location 1*11. If auto unbypass is disabled, all zones can be unbypassed by entering [User Code with Bypass privileges] + [#] + [64].

On the Lynx Touch panels and Lyric Security panels, zones can also be bypassed. This can be done individually, or if "Forced Bypass" is enabled, all faulted zones can be bypassed at once. To enable Forced Bypass: From the home screen select Security > More (Lynx Touch only) > Tools > Installer Code (default is 4112) > Program > System Settings > Forced bypass > Yes. Press "Save" then exit programming. Make sure to select "Yes" when prompted "Allow Installer to Re-enter Programming?"

To bypass zones individually, or several at once: select Security > Zones > highlight the zones to be bypassed and select the "Bypass" button at the bottom of the screen. Enter a valid 4 digit user code. The selected zones will now be bypassed.

To force bypass all faulted zones: select Security > Zones > then select "Bypass Faulted" at the bottom of the screen. Enter a valid 4 digit user code. All faulted zones that can be bypassed will be, and the system will show "Ready to Arm" Return to the Security screen to arm the system. Fire and Carbon Monoxide zones can not be bypassed on the Lynx Touch and Lyric panels.

To clear the bypass, if the system is armed, perform a disarm command. This will un-bypass all bypassed zones. If the system is disarmed: select Security > Zones highlight the zones to be un-bypassed and select the "Clear Bypass" button at the bottom of the page. Enter a valid 4 digit user code. The selected zones will be un-bypassed.

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