How Do I Remove a Non-Functioning Z-Wave Device from My Honeywell System?

Z-Wave devices that have ceased functioning cannot be excluded from the mesh network in the usual way. When this happens, Honeywell Z-Wave controllers have a feature that allows you to remove these devices. Follow the steps below to remove a defective or missing device from the network.

For the Tuxedo Touch or the Vista Automation Module (VAM):

1. Select Automation. From the Home screen of the Tuxedo Touch, select Automation. If using the VAM, use a web browser to log onto the VAM via its IP address, and then select Automation.

2. Select Z-Wave Setup. Choose the icon that corresponds with Z-Wave setup

3. Remove failed nodes. A list of devices will be shown, with any failed nodes noted. Highlight the devices to be removed. Select the icon for "Remove Failed". The Tuxedo Touch will attempt to contact the Z-Wave device. If it fails, it will remove that device from the network.

For the Lyric Controller:

1. Determine the categories. From the home screen, choose "Automation". You'll see a message at the bottom that says, "Press to see Failed devices". There will be an triangular alert for each category that has failed devices.

2. Find failed devices. You can either press on the category, in this example Switches, or you can click "Press to see Failed devices". A message will pop up that says "Failed Nodes Found". Press the "Ok" button. A list of failed devices will be displayed on the screen.

3. Remove failed devices. At the bottom right of the screen, where the failed devices are shown, press "Fix All". A message will pop up saying, "This will delete all failed nodes." To delete the devices that are no longer working, or are no longer powered up on the Z-Wave network, press "Yes". You'll then see a message saying, "Please Wait." When the process has completed, a new message that says, "No failed nodes currently detected." At this point, all non-working Z-Wave devices will have been removed from the Lyric Controller.

Please note that the steps outlined for the Lyric Controller can also be performed for the Honeywell Lynx Touch Panel.

The biggest difference between forcefully removing devices from the Tuxedo Touch or VAM and from the Lyric Controller is that with the Tux or VAM, you can choose which devices you want to remove. On the Lyric Controller, you can either remove all failed devices, or none of them.

If Total Connect is being used, once failed devices have been removed from the Z-Wave controller, make sure to perform a successful Panel Sync. For the Lyric Controller, this should happen automatically. On the Vista panels, or if the Lyric Controller does not automatically perform a Sync, go to Locations > Sync Panel. Once "Automation Sync Success" is displayed in Events, only active Z-Wave devices should appear in the Automation screen.

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