How Do I Reset The 4-Digit Code On My Honeywell 6280?

You can reset the 4-digit code on your Honeywell 6280 by using Console Mode. When someone is talking about resetting a code on a 6280 Keypad, they are usually talking about resetting their VISTA System's Master Code (MC) to 1234 or resetting the system's Installer Code (IC) to 4112.

Honeywell 6280 talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypad

The Honeywell 6280 is touchscreen keypad designed for use with a Resideo VISTA Security Panel. The 6280 itself is not an alarm control panel. As a result, there is very little reason to use a 6280 without a VISTA System. When a 6280 Keypad is connected and addressed with a VISTA Panel, any codes created using the 6280 are automatically shared with the panel. Codes created using the 6280 Keypad can be provided a unique user name. This is in addition to a 2-digit user number that is provided for all system codes. Whenever a code with a unique user name appears in the system Event Log, the log will show the personalized user name instead of the user number. If you reach the maximum number of user codes supported by the panel, then you will be unable to add new codes.

The important thing to understand is that the 6280 doesn't really have its own codes once it is connected and addressed with a VISTA System. All codes become associated with the VISTA System, not the 6280 Keypad. Yes, a code can have a unique user name provided from the 6280 Keypad. But that code will still have a user number assigned by the system. Please note that only 10 user codes can be added using the 6280 in this manner if the 6280 is running firmware version 4.0.21 or lower. This issue was fixed in firmware versions 4.1.67 and higher so that as many user codes as the panel supports can be added.

With that in mind, resetting a code on the 6280 generally means resetting a code on a VISTA System. The only default codes on a VISTA System are the Installer Code (default 4112) and the Master Code (default 1234). The Installer Code is hardcoded to user number 01. The Master Code is hardcoded to user number 02. These two codes cannot be deleted from the system, but they can be changed.

You can certainly restore the Installer Code back to 4112 and/or the Master Code back to 1234. Remember though, this is a system setting, not a 6280 setting. If you were to factory default a 6280, it would not delete any system codes. This would also not restore the MC or IC to their respective defaults. The only thing that a factory default would do in regard to system codes is delete any personalized user names that were established when codes were created at the 6280 Keypad. With the personalized user names deleted, the codes would simply be identified by their 2-digit user numbers.

The 6280 has a Console Mode for making system changes. This will have the 6280 act as an Alphanumeric Keypad. Alternatively, you can really use any standard Alphanumeric Keypad or even a Fixed English Keypad for resetting the MC and/or IC to their defaults. This includes common keypads like the 6160 and 6150. If you need to access Console Mode on a 6280, start from the keypad main screen, and chose Security > More Choices > Console Mode. You can complete the necessary processes once you have accessed Console Mode or a compatible keypad.

Please note that you must have the current Installer Code to access programming and change the Installer Code back to the 4112 default. If you don't have the current Installer Code, or if you have locked yourself out of programming, you must use the backdoor method to get back in. However, it's not possible to backdoor a VISTA System using a 6280 Keypad. You will need a regular Alphanumeric Keypad or Fixed English Keypad to do this. More information on performing the backdoor method can be found in this helpful FAQ. Once you have reset the Installer Code to 4112, you can use it to change the Master Code if necessary.

Complete the following steps to reset the Installer Code to 4112:

1. Enter programming. Enter the command [Current Installer Code] + [800]. So if your Installer Code was the default of 4112, you would enter "4112800". If you do not know the current Installer Code, or if you have locked yourself out of programming, use the backdoor method to get in. You will know that you have entered programming because your keypad will read "Installer Code 20" (Alphanumeric) or "20" (Fixed English).

2. Enter the programming field. Enter the command [*20]. The keypad will display either "Installer Code 20" (Alphanumeric) or "20" (Fixed English). The reason you are doing this is because it's always recommended to confirm the programming field.

3. Enter the default IC. Enter [4112]. The keypad will beep three times to confirm. The Installer Code will be set to its system default of 4112.

4. Exit programming. Enter [*99]. This will exit programming. Never use any other command to exit programming, as doing so may cause you to become locked out.

Now that you have the Installer Code at 4112, you can use it to change the Master Code. You do not need to enter programming to change the Master Code. Simply enter the following command

[Installer Code] + [8] + [02] + [Desired Master Code]

In this case, the [02] represents user slot 02, which is hardcoded to the Master Code. Please note that you can technically enter the current Master Code instead of the Installer Code to change the Master Code. In other words, the following command will also work if you know the current Master Code:

[Current Master Code] + [8] + [02] + [New Master Code] + [New Master Code]

Let's say that you have your Installer Code set to the default of 4112, but you don't know the Master Code. You would enter the following sequence of numbers to set the Master Code to its default of 1234:


One final note. We do not recommend keeping the Master Code at the default of 1234. This code is easy for intruders to guess, and it puts your system at risk for a security breach. Instead, choose a different code that is difficult to guess, but easy for you to remember. However, you should keep your Installer Code at 4112. This will prevent you from getting locked out of programming later. If you forget the default code of 4112, you can always look it up later. Keeping the Installer Code at the 4112 default does not present a security risk, as long as you do not use it to arm the system. More information on why you should keep the IC at the default can be found in this FAQ.

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