How do I troubleshoot a Vista-GSM4G on a Vista-21iP?

The Vista-21iP features pass-through programming. This allows a user with an Alpha keypad to perform diagnostic testing on the system's AlarmNet communicator to help troubleshoot issues. This feature is reached through the *29 menu-driven programming field available on all Vista-21iP Panels.

In order to reach the diagnostics portion of pass-through programming, you must first enter system programming on the Vista-21iP. Follow these steps:

1. Enter Programming. Enter Installer Code (default = 4112) + [8] + [00]. The display should show "Installer Code 20". If the display shows "20" without the words "Installer Code", then you have a fixed English keypad, and you can not perform these steps with that type of keypad. Exit programming by pressing [*] + [99], and return later when you have an Alpha keypad.

2. Enter Communicator Programming. Press [*] + [29]. You will see the prompt shown below. Press [1] + [*].

3. Select Diagnostics. You will see the prompt for "Programming" or "Diagnostics", as shown below. Press [2] for Diagnostics. You will then see the prompt "Sel Key Command".

When in this mode, your Alpha Keypad emulates a 7720P AlarmNet programming tool with the following characteristics:
  • The Shift Key shifts each button to its alternate function.
  • When Shift is engaged, the Ready LED on the keypad will be lit.
  • The Shift function for the A key is Escape. The normal function for the A key is Back Space.
  • The Shift function for the B key is the Up arrow. The normal function for the B key is Down Arrow.
  • The Shift function for the digit 5 is E, and so on.

If you attempt to enter Diagnostics, and the display goes blank, but then reverts back to a prompt of "Enter * or #", this is an indication that the panel and the communicator are not connected with one another properly on the keypad bus.

4. Verify that the internal communicator is powered and connected. In the case of the Vista-21iP, check the jumper on the upper-left side of the board to

make sure the internal communicator is still receiving power (jumper set to On, or on the top two pins). If the jumper is set to On, the communicator's LED lights are on, and the keypad is working in all other aspects of its operation, then this may indicate a bad internal communicator.

Never move the jumper while power is applied to the Vista-21iP!

Assuming you are able to enter into Diagnostics, you can now use the available Key Commands for troubleshooting.

5. Command [E] or [Shift] + [5] - This key command will display the cellular communicator's signal strength in dBm. If the PriRSSI shows -0dBM, or if the display shows "Searching for Coverage", move on to the next command.

6. Command [B] or [Shift] + [2] - This key command will display the MAC/CRC, the SCID, and the IMEI of the communicator. Press [*] to advance through the sets of numbers. If the SCID is blank, or shows all question marks (?), this may indicate that either the cellular module is not properly connected to the Vista-21iP board, or that the SIM Card is loose or dirty.

7. Power down, remove the Vista-GSM4G, and re-seat the SIM. Exit Diagnostics by pressing [Shift] + A [Esc]. At the "Enter * or #"

screen, press [*99]. Then power down the system completely by removing both the AC and backup battery. Then remove the Vista-GSM4G from the main board and flip it over.

Remove the SIM Card, by sliding the cover toward the bottom edge, and then gently pulling it up from the board. Verify that the SIM is clean, with no dirt or fingerprints on the metal contact points. Reinsert the SIM, making sure that it seats completely in the proper place. The notch at the top will help you to insert it properly. Next, re-attach the Vista-GSM4G to the Vista-21iP, and power the system back up:

Retrace the steps above to re-enter Diagnostics, and again check the PriRSSI, MAC/CRC, SCID, and IMEI. If the SCID still does not show up, try re-seating the SIM again. If you try three times with the same result, replace the Vista-GSM4G.

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