How do you activate a light with a Honeywell key fob?

In order to activate a light or lamp with a Honeywell security key fob, all you need is a 5875 wireless lamp module. The 5875 is a small device that plugs into the outlet before you plug the lamp into it. With a few quick programming steps, you can have the 5875 communicating wirelessly with a button on your Honeywell security key fob.

First, plug your lamp into the 5875 lamp module. Once you have it plugged into the module, plug the module into a standard wall outlet. With the lamp plugged into the module and the module plugged into an outlet, press and hold the button on the side of the 5875 until the lamp turns on and then turns off. After the lamp shuts off, release the button and the lamp will turn back on. After a 1 second pause, press the button on your key fob that you want paired to the 5875 lamp module. If the process was done correctly, the lamp should turn off again and stay off. At that point, you should have the ability to turn the lamp on and off by pressing the key fob button you learned into the module. If the lamp shuts off after pressing the key fob button and then comes back on automatically, the process was not done properly and you should start over from the beginning.

Each 5875 lamp module can have up to 7 different key fob buttons assigned to it for remote control.

Never enter your home or business again without the security of a lighted room with a security key fob and the Honeywell 5875 wireless home automation lamp module.

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In the above paragraph, you mention with a few programming steps. That is what I need to know is those steps.

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