Can I add Honeywell wireless glass break to VISTA-20P?

If you want to add a wireless glass break detector to a Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel, your VISTA-20P requires some type of Honeywell wireless receiver. The VISTA-20P does not have wireless capability straight out of the box. However, once you have added a wireless receiver to the VISTA-20P, you can use any of the Honeywell 5800 Series wireless devices.

You have many options for adding a wireless receiver to a VISTA Series alarm control panel. If you want a standalone wireless receiver, you can choose from the 5881ENL, the 5881ENM, or the 5881ENH. The 5881ENL is the low version (L for low) of the receiver and supports up to (8) wireless zones. The 5881ENM is the medium version (M for medium) and supports up to (16) wireless zones and the 5881ENH (H for high) is a wireless receiver with an unlimited number of wireless zones. When using the 5881ENH with a VISTA-20P, you are limited to (40) wireless zones as that is the maximum number of wireless zones supported by the VISTA-20P. All of the 5881 Series wireless receivers connect to the ECP terminals of the VISTA-20P alarm control panel and, when addressed properly, provide wireless capability to the VISTA-20P. You can also choose to add the 6150RF or 6160RF alarm keypads which both have an integrated wireless receiver. The Honeywell 6150RF has a (16) zone wireless receiver built into the keypad and the Honeywell 6160RF has an unlimited zone wireless receiver built in. The advantage of using one of the keypads with integrated receivers is that it is a more streamlined installation and you can save some money if you already planned to add an alarm keypad to your VISTA-20P alarm control panel.

Once you have upgraded your Honeywell VISTA-20P with a wireless receiver, you can easily add a Honeywell wireless glass break detector such as the Honeywell 5853 which is the most popular wireless glass break available. Simply program the wireless glass break detector using a wireless zone and install the 5853 to protect your property from someone breaking through a window or glass door. Please note that only Honeywell wireless glass break detectors will work with a Honeywell wireless receiver.

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