How do I program a Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm system?

The mechanics of programming a Honeywell VISTA-20P are not very intuitive. Also, the VISTA-20P programming guide is written for an experienced alarm installer and not for an end user so, even with the help of the guide, programming a VISTA-20P can be a frustrating experience. That is why, here at Alarm Grid, we help explain the programming steps in a way that is simple and easy to understand. (Please note that the programming guide for the VISTA-20P alarm control panel is the same guide used for the VISTA-15P alarm control panel, so you can use the following information for programming a VISTA-15P as well.)

Before taking on the task of programming a VISTA-20P alarm control panel, you must first ensure that you have the proper alarm keypad for the job. Unfortunately, most alarm installation companies usually install a Honeywell 6150 fixed English alarm keypad, as it is less expensive than the Honeywell 6160 alphanumeric keypad. The 6150 is perfectly fine for arming and disarming your VISTA-20P security system, but because it has no alphanumeric display, it cannot be used for the more complicated zone programming options. Therefore, if you only have a 6150 alarm keypad, we do not recommend trying to access the *56 zone programming sub menu. You will not have the alphanumeric display that shows you which section of programming you are in and therefore, a single key error can leave you making unintended programming changes. You can use the 6150 for basic security system programming changes, but please use a 6160 keypad for zone programming.

To enter programming on a VISTA-20P alarm control panel, you can either enter your 4-digit installer code followed by [800] or, if you don't know your installer code, you can power the VISTA-20P down (remove battery backup and transformer) and then press [*] and [#] together within (50) seconds of powering back up. This is the "backdoor" method of entering programming. Most alarm companies change the default installer code of [4112] to something different and they do not provide you with the installer code, so if your VISTA-20P was installed by someone else, you will most likely need to use the "backdoor" programming method. You will know that you have successfully entered programming because the keypad will display '*20" (6150) or "Installer Code 20" (6160).

Once you are in the programming mode of the VISTA-20P, you can review current entries by pressing [#] followed by the (2) digit data field. After pressing the [#] and the (2) digit data field, the current entry will be displayed with each number shown as a (2) digit display, with a single beep after each digit, and 3 beeps after the final digit. For example, if you are viewing the installer code by pressing [#20], and the installer code is set to default, the keypad will flash '04' (beep) '01 (beep)', '01 (beep)', '02' (beep, beep, beep) which equates to the default installer code of [4112]. You cannot make data field changes if you are using the [#] command. If you want to make a change, you will need to press the [*] key followed by the (2) digit data field. After pressing [*] and the field number, you will be taken to that field and you can enter a new value. After a value is entered, and a data field has been filled, the keypad will beep (3) times and automatically take you to the next sequential data field. In some areas, such as the phone number field, you may not fill the data field. In this case, you can press [*] after your final entry to let the panel know the entry is complete, you can then press the next 2 digit data field number to move to that field. Finally, after completing all of your programming changes, you will need to press [*99] to exit programming. Pressing [*99] saves all entries and takes you back to the normal keypad display, and allows you to re-enter programming using Installer Code + 8 + 00.

With an understanding of how to program a Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm control panel, you should be able to use the VISTA-20P programming guide to walk you through the various data fields so that you can successfully program your VISTA-20P security system. If you need any help in programming your VISTA-20P please call Alarm Grid at 888-818-7728.

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Hi Phillip, Thank you for contacting us! It is possible to have different tone outputs for different alarm types, in fact this is already preprogrammed to your system. Burglary zones, Fire zones, CO zones, and Aux panic all have their own unique tones. These tones cannot be customized as they are pre-set to their corresponding response types. Hope this helps.
Is it possible to have different tone outputs for different alarm types?
How do I get my Vista 15p to report all opening and closing to central station. Right now it’s only reporint open and close from user 02, close on user 03, and nothing on user 04.
Hi Dawn, This seems to be related to a voice module, without having access to programming it is a bit difficult to pin point this. We do offer support for monitored customers, so if you're interested in monitoring and more in depth support, check out our plans here:
Hi! Have you confirmed the type of panel you have is a Vista panel? The way to check is if you go to the actual panel and check the prom chip. The panel itself is a tan metal box that is more than likely in a closet, garage, attic, etc. Once you find the panel, open it and in the middle of the circuit board should be a small, black PROM chip. The PROM chip should have the name of the panel on it. I do see that you said it was a 104 error, did you mean to say this was a 103 error? A 103 error causes it to beep continuously until the panel is disarmed. A comm 103 error means the panel is not registered and it will continue to beep until the communication radio is registered. You can try turning off communication in the panel or sign up for a monitoring plan. Are you currently monitored by us? If not, would you be interested in our no-contract, low-cost monitoring plans? We offer free tech support and would be more than willing to help you resolve this issue!
By the way, we've changed the batteries in the main panel, and in the sensors in all the door and the error still shows up.
This isn't so much of a programming question as it is just a question. We started as caretakers, and the owner has had trouble with the alarm beeping in his main house. He has to punch in the code several times just to disengage the system and then it still shows a 104 error. Any ideas?
Yes you will need a keypad connected to terminals 4-7 (keypad bus) on the 20P in order to reprogram the system. Do you plan on getting the system monitored? We have some affordable no contract plans: We offer free hand programming instructions over the phone or even free remote programming assistance for any monitored customer. Feel free to call in at 888-818-7728 or email us at
I wired up the new panel with the transformer (the new one). Wired up the new panel the same way the old panel was set up. I have all the zones written down. We have 3 keypads. Does the primary keypad need to be hooked up to the control panel to set up?
Hi Jess, did you just swap in the transformer from the new panel to power the existing system that was already there? Or did you wire up the new panel?
Hi there, here goes nothing. Had the house painted. The transformer to our Vista 20P disappeared. We bought a new Vista 20P1 control panel with transformer. Installed. Tried to program but the keypad just continues to say dE. We have no wireless keys. How can this be fixed and programmed again? Been trying to do it on our own with no luck. Any suggestions help. Thank you!
Happy to help Brutus! If you are not already monitored we offer some affordable no contract plans. Feel free to check them out at your convenience:
The battery arrived today. 1 minute to hook up, 30 seconds to test. Worked just like you said it would. Thank you for the excellent advice, God Bless the internet!
Thanks again. I ordered it this morning under my "other" name.
You're welcome, and to further is the battery:
Wow, what a great answer. I never would have thought of that, and the battery is probably 8+ years old. Thanks, and I'll post the results as soon as I can find the right battery. Thanks again!!
Hmmm, I'll guess and say the siren may be a 748,, I'd suggest checking your backup battery for the panel to make sure it's still functional. "On Honeywell wired Vista panels, the siren receives most of it’s available 2 Amps of current from the backup battery. If there is no backup battery, or if the battery installed is not charged, or is not holding up under load, the siren will not sound properly. Installing a fresh battery, or replacing the old battery with a fresh one will remedy this issue. If you have a different type of system, it’s recommended to check the install manual to see if the battery provides siren power."
I have a Honeywell Vista 20p alarm system that wasn't working when I bought my house. After a lot of internet searching, I've gotten it to work. Yipee! We only use it in "stay" mode because of the dog. I have tested it many times, and it alarms, but only through the keypads, and not very loud. But just once, monster sounds came on briefly, seeming from the virtually inaccessible attic. I'd like it to do that all the time. Any ideas? P.S. the reason I say virtually inaccesible is becasue there is 36" of blown in insulation up there, and I also know at some point I'd put my foot through the ceiling. Thanks in advance for any and all ideas!!
Your panel will not support a remote application if your system is set to communicate via phone line, you'll need to have either an IP or Cellular communicator. If you're looking to get the system monitored via phone line we can help you with the hand programming during the activation, feel free to review the Bronze plan:
What fields need to be programmed to allow remote access via phone lines?
Field 28 is usually 00 by default and only needs to be set for something different if you have the 4286 Phone Module. Field 95 is set to 15 by default (#+15 once you press *95) and having it set to 0 would only prevent your monitoring company from dialing into your system remotely. Also, if you do have a 4286 Phone Module, you'll need that option to be set to something from 1-15. As for the chime mode question, if your keypad shows the word Chime but faulting zones aren't making the chime occur, your probably have Chime By Zone enabled and setting *26 to 67 would solve that issue. This field affects other system settings so since you are monitored by another company, you should consult with them on how they want that field set for you. You could also always consider switching to us for monitoring as we have no-contract, low-cost monitoring plans (available at and are experts on the VISTA systems and in helping DIYers like you manage their own system without having to pay for expensive on site service calls.
UPDATE: Problem continues. The phone ring stopping after 1 ring started again today. Unplugged the power and battery from the panel and unplugged the phone connection to the panel as well. The problem still there. So it is not related to the panel. I guess I can go back to the original settings on my panel. I neglected to check the settings before I changed them to zero. Can you please tell me the default settings for the field 95 and 28. Does it matter if I leave them set to 00? The alarm is working / communicating with the central office fine. There is only one new problem with the alarm: the chime does not work (I have confirmed that it is set to make ding sound when a zone is violated). Any ideas why? Thanks.
I suspect, since this happened following a lot of rain, that there were voltage spikes on your phone terminals at the panel that it interpreted as ring voltage. If it got a spike, then a pause, and another spike, it would interpret this as someone trying to call in for a download and would seize the phone line and provide the handshake tones. Further, I suspect *28 was always a 00 (did you happen to check it before putting that entry in?) Do you have a 4286 Voice Module? If not, you would have gotten a Check 104 if *28 had something other than 00 in it before. I suppose as long as the issue is resolved, it doesn't really matter.
hank you for your reply. One thing I don't understand: sounds like the normal set up of the panel is to do what you are describing. But such never happened before. The day this started happening, first thing I noticed was the calls were hanging up after 1 ring, without fax tone. Fax tones appeared only when I was making repeated calls quickly. What caused the phone system to go to one ring only? How did the panel become a culprit in this? Any way, I had already set field 95=00 which did not make any difference. But then I set field 28=00. That stopped the problem. So, now the system is set with 95=0, 28=0. The alarm system arming and disarming is working normally. I do not know if communications to the monitoring station are normal.
Is your system monitored through the phone line? What you're describing is called Answering Machine Defeat. It's a way for a monitoring station to be able to connect to your panel via phone line, for uploading/downloading, even if there is a fax or an answering machine sharing the same phone line. It works like this. If the panel detects a single ring (this is detected by a spike in AC voltage on the phone terminals) followed by a longer than normal pause, then another ring within 30 seconds, the panel will answer on this 2nd ring and provide a handshake tone for the downloading modem (what you hear as fax tones). If your alarm panel is properly wired for line seizure, every time the panel answers the phone, all other devices that share that phone line would get disconnected. If you've put a 0 in *95, and verified that it reads back as 00 when you hit #95 from within programming, then this points to a problem with the panel. With a 00 in *95, the Vista-20P should never answer an incoming call.
I need some help please. I already tried filed 95=0. I have the Admeco Vsta 20P installed for several years and functioned fine. The keypad is 6150APX2, and perhaps one 6160 (from picture it looks like one). After heavy rains over the last few days, a problem occured. All incoming phone calls, after a single ring did one of following things: 1. ringing stopped and call ended (almost all calls) OR 2. A fax tone is heard (later discovered to be coming from the Ademco control panel). Some times, after the fax tone, After hanging up if a call came in (I called my phone again), it would be fax tone and then another call would be normal multiple rings. This cycle of 1 ring, fax tone, multiple rings) may repeat. But most of the time, it was just 1 ring and end. I had the land line phone company come. They pointed to the alarm panel as the problem. We disconnected the panel's connection to the phone system. That stopped the problem confirming that the alarm system is some how causing the problem. I assume the programming is some how messed up and it needs reprogramming. If some one can give me detailed step by step instructions on how to reprogram it I would appreciate it. Based on another advice elsewhere, I have already tried : In to programing mode- field 95 value entered 0 and exited by *99. Confirmed by reviewing (#) the filed 95 that the value is set to 00. This did not fix the problem. Please, how can I fix it? I do not know any thing about alarm systems but can follow directions (I did install this panel and keypads with a technician giving me instructions on the phone). I do have the installer code for it (the factory code). Is the problem other than messed up programming? Do I need to change the panel? Thank you for the help.
Not if all three are on zone 1, I suggest attempting to zone double. Zone doubling starts at zone 2 and allows for multiple zones to be wired into the same terminal, but will indicate the specific zone tripped:
I have a honeywell 20p panel and a 6160rf keypad. I have a front door, back door and a roll up garage door all on zone #1. Is it possible to program these so that they display as such? I had a faults alarm last night and did not which sensor it was. It displayed as front,back,garage door. I would for it to say front door if it's the front etc. Thanks for your help. Tom
Here is a link to the programming guide for the system: Also, here is a link to the installation manual:
I have a Vista 20P. I have the installer code. Is there a guide for programming main and secondary entrances, as well as establishing a user code vs. main code?
If you do activate with one of our monitoring plans, we would be able to remove the landline programming, switch the system to use GSM as a primary and configure the communicator and system. If the system is currently monitored, reach out to your alarm monitoring company and let them know what you're looking to do. They will need to adjust the system's programming.
I want to switch my Vista 20 from a landline to a GSM. How do I remove the programming for the landline so I can make sure the GSM is the primary communicator?
You should use loop 1 and you should ask your alarm company for the contact ID code they are receiving at their end. With that information, you'll better be able to diagnose your issue. Are you under contract for your monitoring service now? If not, it would be easy to switch to us. We offer low-cost, no-contract plans online at and we are experts on Honeywell equipment and programming so if your company isn't providing you the level of technical support you need, you should consider switching to us instead. Is your system monitored over a phone line or is it using an IP and/or cellular communicator?
what loop should it be in and yes 24hr Silent
The report code can just be anything but zero in the first digit assuming your system is communication in Contact ID. Are they dispatching after they call? Maybe you are giving them an invalid verbal passcode? You can confirm that with your alarm company if you are unsure. If you are being monitored I recommend reaching out to them so they can assist you with configuring these zones. We can certainly try and assist but we will need more information. Did you program the panics for 24hr audible or 24hr silent? Which loop did you program them to?
the chip number is WA20P-10.23 with year 2014 REV 10.23 have alphanumeric keypad been having issues programing the Panic Buttons I use ZONE 45 to 49 there are five of them also the dispatch has been calling saying they get a invalid code every night I have follow all the steps there other question is what report code do I use thank you for your help
You are very welcome. Did you notice we offer no-contract monitoring plans online at We are experts on Honeywell equipment and as long as you aren't under contract for service with another company now, it should be easy to get activated with us.
Thank you for your help.
There is no panel programming that affects how the voice chime works and I know it's expected to say "Fault" and then the zone name when faulted on a Tuxedo so either the older 6271CV works differently than the newer one you bought or you are mis-remembering how the voice chime feature worked before. The 6271CV was discontinued many years ago so if there was a change to the voice chime feature on that device at some point in the past, it's not something I was ever aware of and again, is not something that can be changed in programming now.
No.  Just purchased and installed the Tuxedo's.  The problem existed before I installed the tuxedo's.  We went thru Hurricane Irma and lost power for 7 days.  When the system was restored, one of the keypads, the 6271CV would not reboot.  I decided to replace it and another with the Tuxedo's and leave the other 6271CV in place.  Prior to the power outage, the system worked as described with the voice stating the zone and that the door or window was opened.  After power was restored and before keypad replacement, the voice changed to " Fault" and then the zone.
No.  Just purchased and installed the Tuxedo's.  The problem existed before I installed the tuxedo's.  We went thru Hurricane Irma and lost power for 7 days.  When the system was restored, one of the keypads, the 6271CV would not reboot.  I decided to replace it and another with the Tuxedo's and leave the other 6271CV in place.  Prior to the power outage, the system worked as described with the voice stating the zone and that the door or window was opened.  After power was restored and before keypad replacement, the voice changed to " Fault" and then the zone.
Do all the touchscreens say the same thing? Have you recently updated firmware on your Tuxedos or changed the panel's PROM chip?
What is the 'WA' number on the VISTA-20P's PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board and are you using an alphanumeric keypad or a fixed English keypad? If it's an alphanumeric, you should see 'Disarmed Ready to Arm' on the LCD display when the system is ready to arm. If it's a fixed English, you'd only see AC on the LCD with a ready light on the keypad indicating when it's ready or not ready. For zone programming, an alphanumeric keypad is required.
Thanks for your response.I have 2 different types of keypads.  I have 1Honeywell 6271CV and 2 Honeywell Tuxedo Touch with voice control.The number on the Chip is:  WA20P-10.23
need a little help I have a vista p20 and need to add 5869 HOLD-UP Transmitter to the system I follow the Program guide and zone program *56 Zone is there a special zone for panic switch's any help would be great
What is the WA number on your VISTA-20P control panel's PROM chip, which should be located in the center of the green circuit board inside the beige metal alarm cabinet. Also, what model number keypad(s) are you using for the voice chime function?
I have a Vista 20P system. In the past, when a zone was breached, the voice alarm would state the name of the zone and then say open. For example: Front door opened or sliding door open. Now it just says "Fault garage door" or "fault sliding door". Any idea how to reprogram the voice on this alarm?
The VISTA-20P is not designed to call a regular cell phone. It needs to call a central station since it is formatted to receive the alarm signals. If you do not have monitoring service and are looking to get rid of that error you will need to disable your dialer. If your system was being monitored via phone line you will need to wipe the phone number from *41 in programming.
Are you familiar with zone programming? It is not the most intuitive interface but if you go into installer programming (installer code + 800) and press *56 you can set the response type to "not used" which is 0 for each zone. Then press 00 when it says "enter zone number" to exit the *56 sub menu. Then *99 to exit out of programming completely.
I need to stop a vista 20 p from seeing 4 wireless zones for about a week until I get new batteries for the wireless transmitters. I have the installer and master codes. How can I do that?
What security system are you asking about? If it's a Honeywell system that supports partitions (like the VISTA-20P), the partitions are always available as it's not something you program. However, those partitions won't do anything unless you program a zone to be active in something other than the default Partition 1. Partitions are used so that you can arm a set of zones independently from another set of zone (for an in-law suite or home office as examples).
How do you know if there are partitions programmed on an existing alarm? when do you do partitions?
It sounds like what you thought was your IC was really your MC. If you press IC + 800, it should show you '20' or 'Installer Code 20' on the keypad, indicating you got into programming mode. You could try that process with the code you thought was the IC and if it doesn't show you those two option, that would be further confirmation that what you thought was the IC was actually the MC.
I'm not sure what's goin on here. I went to change my master code which I did not know (using IC) and then I locked myself out of my normal code and out of TC. I did finally get TC working as it asked for my new MC. However now I notice that my TC user code is my new MC. So was my code the master code? I did not even think to try that but it seems like it, however I cant believe that it would be setup that way. Any thoughts on this?
What is the model number of your system? Assuming it's a Honeywell system, the model number should be printed on a white sticker on the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board inside the metal alarm cabinet. It should start with 'WA'.
My key pad displays Addr-16 with 1 flashing. The pad goes blank if any entry is made.
Sensors set for Zone Type 23 No Alarm Response, really won't do much of anything to the system other than cause a fault message to be received at the panel. Usually, you'd use a zone type like that for a key fob button if you want the button to be used as a trigger for Z-Wave scenes.
We are trying learn about all the different features and capabilities of our Vista 21ip. What does zone type 23 do or not do? The explanation in the manual doesn't go into detail. Thanks!
If you enter programming and change field *84 to a 0, the system will no longer revert to stay mode at the end of the exit delay countdown.
I have a system with only smoke detectors and PIR's, no door contacts. I cannot arm it 'Away', it reverts back to 'Stay' I think because it is waiting for the entry/exit to signal. How do I bypass this behavior?
Yes. Just ensure that you are on test mode before running signals.
Just verifying... the steps to change the # for my monitoring company to dial is: Installer code + 800 *41 17755551212 * *43 account# * that correct?
It doesn't look like the pictures came through. Can you email them to instead?
We have a massive thunderstorm and the alarm siren went off. Had to disconnect the whole thing (power + battery). The keypad shows 2188. one of the keypads is blank - no lights at all. Attached are the pictures of the control panels. What can i do?
OC stands for open circuit and indicates you don't have your data wires properly connected to your alarm system. What alarm system are you using with your 6160 keypad?
On my new 6160 key pad i re move transformer i press star and number i get OC
Any chance your installer code ends in 4 or 7? If so, you may be entering an extra key after your code that is arming it to Instant or Maximum mode when using the installer code which would eliminate the entry delay.
Hey Sterling, you seem like the only guy that might have an answer to this question. I have a vista 20p and I've found an odd behavior. If I arm the system stay with the installer code and I open a entry/exit contact, the alarm instantly sounds. However, if I do the same but with a user code, the system provides the entry delay. Do you know why this would be?
What is the PROM version of your VISTA-20P? It should be written on the sticker on the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board which is found in the beige metal alarm cabinet.
Yes, you can program a zone for a silent panic alarm if you use the Zone Type of 24 Hour Silent. You can also then add a Tuxedo Touch or VAM Z-Wave controller to your system and replace your back room lights with Z-Wave lights. Once you have that installed, you could program a Z-Wave Scene that would activate the lights when that particular zone (or any zone set for that zone type) is activated.
On my 20p with keypad WA159 the keypad says 03 not ready but shows AC and can not use away or stay Thank you
Is there a way to setup the vista 20p to have a silent alarm set off with a panic button but also have strobe lights light in a back room that is activated by the panic button (so it's not a true silent alarm - but only silent at the keypad)?
Check 17 means there's an issue with zone 17, most likely a wireless zone, though it could be a wired expansion zone. Wireless zones can be supervised for Cover Tamper, and check in, among other things. I imagine the Comm Fail is due to the system trying to communicate the fact that there's a check on zone 17, and being unable to do so. To make the system local and get rid of the comm fail message, you'd need to get into panel programming, and blank out the phone information. You can follow the instructions above to get into programming. Once in, to blank out the phone information fields press *41*, you'll hear a triple beep, then press *42*, and again, you'll hear a triple beep. This will keep the panel from attempting to call out over a phone line, but won't help with the zone 17 issue. You'll need to locate zone 17, visually inspect it, and go from there.
I should mention that it is a WA20P 5.2 system. Thanks!
Hello! Thanks for all this helpful information! I bought a house 6 years ago and never gave a second thought to the alarm system (which was installed but had been de-activated). Now, I'd like to activate it. It has (for 6 years) said "Comm. Fail." and tells me to "check 17." (That wire corresponds to a front window, or maybe that's a programming section?) I assume I am getting that message because the system is trying to send a signal to the station? We don't have a phone line and do not want to have the system monitored. Is there a way for me to resolve this, so that I can (hopefully) enter new codes and activate the system? Thanks so much in advance! Liz
If you open a Perimeter zone during the exit delay it will sound the alarm right away. If you open an Entry/Exit zone during the exit delay, the alarm won't sound as long as it's closed before the end of the count down.
when setting away it starts count down and if you open the door while still counting down it set off the sounder
Depending on how you exited programming the last time, you may need to use the back door method to get into programming. See paragraph 2 and beyond in this FAQ: Once you get into programming and do what you need to do (making sure you know what the installer code is before you exit) be sure to press *99 to exit programming. This will allow you to re-enter programming with Installer Code + [8] + [00] in the future.
Hello! I have a Vista20SE initially installed by Bay Alarm. I am trying to change out one of the original sensors to the slimline 5110 sensor. I've done this once before, but this time I can't get past the "Fault 16 kitchen window) warning. I've tried putting my disarm code and then the **** installer code/800/*56 - not working. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks again for your help. That worked perfectly.
Ah, right. Glad you were able to get it done and please do let us know if you are ever interested in switching to us. I would think we could save you money as long as you aren't under contract now.
Thank you Sterling, I will definitely look into that. Although I did find in the Tuxedo Touch, there is an option for Programming using the touchscreen. Was very easy to figure out and didn't have to use console mode to program. Thanks again!
It sounds like you need to find a new alarm company then. We offer no-contract plans online at and we can take over your system very easily. If you do want to try it yourself, you'd have to find the model number of your system and then search online for the "programming guide" and look at the *56 zone programming sections.
Thanks for the reply. I would have them do it, but they have not exactly been the best with after sales support. They had previously told me that what I want to do is not possible. I didn't believe them, which is why I came here. I'm in IT, so I don't mind doing the changes myself. Is there a manual that would help with what I am looking to do? And do I have to figure out what zone each glass break is and change each one individually basically?
Yes, that sounds like the fix. You would need to use the console mode and you'd have to be familiar with the *56 zone programming menus or have your alarm company make the change for your remotely (as they should have that ability).
I'm not sure, but the alarm company did the initial programming. But currently, with arm stay, there is a delay on the doors. If armed night (instant), the doors instantly trigger. And that's the same thing I want to happen for the glass breaks. So I would just have to do as you said and change them from perimeter to entry/exit 1 and they should behave the same as the doors, right? I have Tuxedo touchscreen keypads. Do I need to do programming through the console mode, or do the touchscreens make programming easier? Thanks again.
You probably have the glass breaks set for Perimeter now. If you program them to Entry/Exit 1 instead, they will follow the systems Entry Delay 1 and Exit Delay times when armed and triggered. I'm not sure how you have a door set for delay when armed stay but instant when armed night as that doesn't sound like a possible setup but you could always arm to Instant if you wanted the Entry/Exit 1 glass break to sound the alarm immediately for that arming period.
Hi, I have glass break sensors and wanted to know if there is a way to program them to not instantly trigger the siren when it's armed stay. Basically would like a delay, how the doors are programmed. Then when armed night, would want them to trigger the siren immediately, again like the doors currently do. Thank you for your help.
The 4-wire smoke reset can be done in multiple ways and some of the ways are more complicated than others. Page 2-7 of the VISTA-20P install guide details using a relay module for the smoke reset of you can use the on-board triggers depending on how many 4-wire smokes you are using.
Thanks...yes I think I mentioned earlier these are 4 wire, with power coming from AUX. I think the way you described is what I had originally. One last (hopefully) question on the smoke alarm. I could not find in the document how to do a reset of the smoke alarm if it is tripped. My old box had a hardwired button on it, but I thought there was a code to do it...just can't find it in the manual.
On zone 1 the input type is fixed on EOLR (input type 0) since it designed for 2-wire smokes. If you are connecting smokes on a different zone you want them to be EOLR and strap the resistor in parallel at the last smoke detector in the circuit.
Thanks for clarifying. Should the hardware type be programmed as EOL or NO?
I apologize for the confusion. Above we were talking about regular door/window contacts which are normally closed and therefore need the resistor in series. Smoke detectors are normally open devices so the EOL must be connected in parallel.
I'm confused. about 6-7 posts above you said, "You would want the 2k in series (in line with the wire going to high or low, not across high and low) for any zone that's programmed for regular EOL." Frank echoed the same thing. Is a smoke detector not a "regular EOL"?
You need to run your resistor in parallel (across the terminals, not in line with one of the wires to one of the terminals) on smoke detectors.
Let me do some more testing of the scenario. And yes I have a volt/ohm meter. More pressing problem is about the smoke detectors. I think there are 3 in series. They are 4 wire. I have the power from the aux (as they were in my old board) and the 2 wires on zone 7 by itself. I configured the zone type as 09 and the hardware type as EOL. I have a 2k resistor on one of the wires. I get a trouble message upon exiting: Zone 7 fault. I tried switching hi/lo wires, but same thing. Any suggestions?
Need some more info. What are the zone types and the zone numbers for the zones you tested in this way? Also, do you have a volt meter?
You just need to go back to that specific zone and enter a 00 for the Zone Type option and then choose 1 for yes when it asks you to confirm the deletion of the zone.
I am new to programming my vista-20p, and accidentally entered into a zone, and wish to cancel programming. Can you advise how to do this, so I do not change any zones incorrectly?
It would probably be easier to just delete the zone by entering a 00 for Zone Type and confirming the deletion and then once it's deleted, re-setup the zone 20 as a brand new zone. You can also delete out the serial number and then re-enter it as well as detailed in the *56 zone programming section of the programming guide for the panel.
@sterlingdonnelly:disqus Hi Sterling - Could you please help me with replacing a smoke/heat detector as detailed above? Thanks in advance!
Thanks. I'm having a different problem now. (Also posted on youtube, don't know which place you frequent.) All works fine if I open and close ZD doors independently. But if I open Door 1, then open any other door, both doors show as open. If I close the other door it still shows open until I close Door 1 . Any ideas?
Whether it is EOLR or ZD the resistor should run in series from one leg of your circuit to the high or low terminal (no polarity so either will technically work). I usually recommend the high terminals since there are shared low (ground) terminals and the resistors can get messy especially with zone doubling. Following my own preference, for EOLR it is a 2K in series from the high leg to the high terminal. For ZD it is 3K or 6.2K in series from high leg to high terminal. There are no resistors strapped across from high to low. If you want true EOL (end of line) supervision to protect against line cuts you will want to do this exact same thing except at the sensor itself. Install the resistor in series on one of the wires for the last sensor on the loop.
ok, sorry to be daft. Across the terminals on the zone doubled and in series on the ground for EOL?
You would want the 2k in series (in line with the wire going to high or low, not across high and low) for any zone that's programmed for regular EOL.
OK. So even though I have a 3k and 6k on the ground of the doubled zones, I need a 2k across the high and low on every zone other than NC (I'm not really sure what situation dictates that).
If the zone is programmed for zone doubling or for EOL, a resistor is required. If you have a zone programmed for NC (normally closed), no resistor is needed.
Thanks, Frank. Yes I'm getting power from the aux terminal. Thanks for the info on software fire reset. I will have to locate that in the manual again. One more question. Are all the zones supposed to be have a resistor on the terminals (some quite full already with zone doubling)? The zone doubling ones seem to be functioning without one currently.
The 2K resistor will be strapped across the terminals. There is a software fire reset you can enable. Where are you getting the power for the smokes? Aux power supply?
I have a Vista 20P and am replacing an old wireless smoke/heat detector with a new wireless one. I'm leaving the zone (20) the same. Do I just delete the existing serial number then add the new one? installer code + 800 + *56 + 1 + 20* + and here is where I'm not sure. Do keep hitting * until I get to the "To Delete a Serial No." screen and enter 0 in the loop number field? And then do I come all the way back through again to the "Serial number Entry and Loop Number Entry" screen to add the new device? Thanks in advance
Hi, Julia. Thanks for the info. Can you clarify does the 2k resistor go from the ground wire to the terminal or across the terminal screws? Regarding alarm reset, my old box had a fire reset button but the new one does not. I thought I read in the programming manual that there is a software way (key sequence) to do a reset.
You would just have to have a keypad enabled in partition 2 and then you would assign the zone to Partition 2 in the *56 zone programming. Do you have any alphanumeric keypad (display reads as 'Disarmed Ready to Arm' in the normal disarmed state)?
Hi, Sterling will see your comments, and probably respond as well. As for your fire zone, since it is 4-wire, it needs to be on any hardwired zone except zone 1. It must also be programmed for EOL, with the 2K resistor in parallel on the zone. Also, 4-wire smokes latch when they go into alarm, and so require a power reset in order to clear, once the alarm condition has cleared. Are you aware of this, and do you know how you will accomplish this reset? If not, how many 4-wire smokes do you have?
Hi, can you tell me how you did this. I would like to do this also. Thanks.
@sterlingdonnelly:disqus first off let me say your videos are great and gave me a level of comfort that I could swap out my old Acron AV8000 for a 20P. Also impressed at your presence on the forum. I have a couple comments and a question. You might add some overlay text on your videos (so you don't have to re-record) with tips at the relevant points in installation. For example, I ended up with a "halfway" doubled ground which gave me a fault until I put a resistor on the non-doubled side. Also, maybe you have another video on programming the 20p, but my doubled zones were all reporting on the low zone. I didn't realize they had to be configured on the console as hardware type 3 (zone doubled). That last one leads me to my question. I have a 4 wire smoke detector (probably 3 in series). I have the power lines connected (detector flashing heartbeat) and the signal wires connected, but I don't know what hardware type to set. When I do either NC or NO, I get a fault or alarm signal. (I used zone type 9 - Fire). Can you tell me what the settings should be? I'm pretty sure I got the polarity right on the panel, if that matters. Thanks for your help!
You should be able to call your central station and ask if they are receiving open/close signals. As for the partitions, you'd have to check each zone in programming to see what the partition selection is set to, to find out if you are using more than one partition.
can you tell me how to check if i am sending opening and closings(arm and disarm) to central station. also to see if i have more than one partition? when you do zone doubling does that create another partition?
Address 31 won't work for your system. Power cycle again and after pressing and holding 1 and 3 press 00, 16 and * and then it should be set to 16 and function properly.
31. It appears to have booted to that address. The keypad just beeps upon all key presses. The display does nothing UNLESS I enter the address mode by pressing 1 and 3 together.
What address is it set to now?
I'm trying to retro fit an existing Ademco Vista 20P panel with a 6160 keypad. Keypad is all set up and lights when given power. If I press 1 and 3 together, I get the keypad address. If I press * and # together within a few seconds of boot I get nothing. The display doesn't light up. Only the buttons are backlit. The keypad does long beep on boot and short beeps on every key press. Any help?
I am headed out there this morning and will get back to you with that. I know that it should be a phone connection and not wifi. I think one of the techs went in to fix a problem and possibly pushed some buttons.
What is on the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board? It's best to identify exactly what system you have first but usually a 100 error is a problem with your panel's wireless receiver and the bF error is a problem with your system's alarm communicator. Do you know what communicator you have attached? It should be a white plastic enclosure wired to your panel and if you pop the cover, there should be a sticker on the green circuit board with a model number.
Good morning. I am working on this type of panel and see a code 100 and bf. Can you give me some insight as to what those error codes mean? Also, chime is on the display, but when a door opens there is no "chime" sound. Can you help with this as well?
It would only voice chime from a voice keypad assigned to partition 2.
The "check" message could indicate a few different errors. It could be a tamper issue if the cover isn't properly seated or it could be a wireless supervision issue meaning the panel isn't seeing the sensor. Is your system monitored? If so, your alarm monitoring company should be able to see more details about what the check message really means.
Hi, I have a wireless pir that I want to set up in partition 2 of a vista 20p (the only zone to be used in that partition). I want it to chime when somebody approaches the front door. I have it programmed and chiming but no voice chime is heard.
I have a vista 20 and today got the message saying "check 11 family room door". I replaced the battery on the wireless transmitter but still shows this on the alpha numeric keypad. Any thoughts on what I can do to resolve this? Thanks in advance.
Yes, it will let you back in if you just exited programming. If you try it when you get home tonight, the panic should activate.
I was in programming attempting to program the function keys. I noticed the function key was doing the same thing (entering programming) but I did try immediately after exiting. I will try again when I get home tonight.
Pressing and holding * and # together normally should set off a keypad panic. Were you trying shortly after exiting programming?
For some reason my Vista 20p allows access to the programming menu by pressing and holding [*] and [#] anytime, not just when you power back up the system. Any suggestions or thoughts?
I found my issue with parameter 84. I was choosing away but not opening and closing the door so the alarm would default to stay mode. I set parameter 84 to zero to void this ability. Oh, I think it is a Vista 20p as you asked. OH, and thanks for your reply nonetheless : )
Do you have a VISTA-20P alarm control panel? If so, do you have an alphanumeric keypad or fixed English? The alphanumeric keypad would have the LCD read out showing Disarmed Ready to Arm.
I somehow remapped my armed away (2) button to default to the armed stay (3) and no longer have that ability on my keypad. I want to get my away function back. Can someone enlighten me on how i did this please and thanks.
That did it. Thanks Julia and Sterling! Now to figure out this smoke detector and I should be in business :)
Did you try Julia's suggestion of clearing out *28?
I cleared out *41-43, that cleared my COMM FAILURE. I've deleted Zone List #2 and I'm still getting the ZN LIST 2VOICE MODULE error.
In addition to what Sterling suggested, I would also make sure, once in programming, that you enter *28, 0 0, prior to exiting programming. This is the field where you enable the Voice Module, any programming in here would tell the panel to expect to have a 4285/4286 connected at address 04.
If you don't have a phone line or any monitoring service, you should clear out the *41 and *43 field in programming. Zone lists are managed via *81 so you should go through and clear out any entries for zone list 2.
Sorry for a duplicate post, I'm getting the following alarm: ZN LIST 2VOICE MODULE, as well as a COMM FAILURE. I do not have a phone line and have no plans to use one. I've clearly enabled something I should not have. Any ideas on how to clear these alarms?
Having the same problem, power cycle did not solve it. Any ideas on how to clear ZN LIST 2VOICE MODULE
Too bad that I forgot the installer code which I setup at beginning. The whole set is setup by myself without pro installer. Is there any other way to reset the whole system?
This is most likely a silent panic in alarm, or in alarm memory. If you enter your 4-digit code plus off does it go back to ready?
How many keypads do you have? Are they all displaying the same thing? If you press the * key just once while it's showing "not ready", does the display change at all?
I have a Vista 15P that is displaying not ready, but no zone is indicated. I tried pressing the * key, which I thought would cycle through each zone and notify which aren't ready, but it did nothing. Any ideas?
Unfortunately it sounds like your system has programmed to disable the backdoor entry into programming. Unless you have the installer code you may be locked out of programming. I would recommend contacting the original installer to have them come out and default the installer code for you.
Have 20p and 6162rf setup at home. After reboot the panel the keypad has a long beep, pressed * and # at the same time, another long beep from keypad. but the keypad kept showing busy standby D1, v10.23. After about 1 min, the keypad went back to ready to arm status. Any ideas? Thanks
Yes, technically you can use a Tuxedo Touch keypad for programming using the Console mode. However, a regular console keypad is recommended instead.
Can I program the Vista 20p using a tuxedo touch panel?
Yes, but I think you incorrectly posted above in your reply to "John" that to find the address of the keypad you said to press and hold * and # together. To find the address of the keypad you press 1 and 3 together.
If you press and hold * and # with the system powered up, it does set off the zone 99 panic. If you power cycle the system and then press and hold * and # within 50 seconds of powering up, then it goes into programming mode.
You press 1 and 3 on the existing active keypad to read out it's current address. Holding * and # will set off a panic alarm.
Each keypad connected to the system needs to be assigned a valid address and that address also needs to be enabled in the panel. Address 16 is enabled by default on a Honeywell VISTA panel (some newer VISTAs may also have additional keypad addresses enabled by default 17-23) so if you are replacing a keypad, you should just need to press and hold * and # on the existing active keypad to read out it's current address and then you need to power the system down, replace the keypad and address the new keypad to the same address. If this is a new keypad you are adding and you want to keep the old keypad, you'll need to view the current keypad's address and then enable a new address and assign the new keypad to that address. Keypad addresses are enabled in fields *190 and up in panel programming.
I'm "trying" to add a new 6160 keypad I think the existing one is a 6150. I don't know any of the access codes. All I can do is change the address to 17. The screen is blank but is lite up. IF I disconnect the power sources will this change any of the programming? Should I then be able to program the new 6160? I'm lost. Thanks John
With that keypad, you'd be programming that *56 sub menu "blind" and one inadvertent key stroke would have you programming things incorrectly and could mess up the rest of your zone programming. I'm familiar with the *56 menu and even I wouldn't use a Fixed English keypad for programming. If you do get a 6160, you just have to physically swap out the keypad and then address the new keypad to the address the old keypad used. There are other alphanumeric keypads available at
Yes, I have the Admeco 6150ADT keypad. Is it not possible at all to program, or is it just difficult if you haven't done it before? Also, if I purchase a 6160, can I just disconnect the old keypad and replace with the new one, or is there more programming involved? Also, are there other options (color display, etc)?
You are using a Fixed English keypad that doesn't have the proper display to show you the more advanced *56 zone programming menus. You'll need to get an alphanumeric keypad like the 6160 ( ) if you want to do that type of programming from a keypad.
I'm trying to add new sensors to my ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN. I know it's either a Honeywell Vista 20P or Vista 15P (dont' think it really matters). I actually have the installer code, but I'm having problems adding wireless sensors. I'm entering the installer code, followed by 800, and I get a 20 displayed in my security panel (success, I believe). I want to replace wireless sensors, so I enter *56. Problem is, this is where I get lost. The videos on youtube show a fully interactive display, and my display only shows two digits, so I never really know if I'm doing things correctly. Do I need a different type of display to do this?
I had been using option 4. As soon as I went in and set them all to option 3, all was good. Thank you!
Is the resistor wired in series as well? Or strapped in parallel? You want it to be in series with the final sensor...
Well you have to change the shared zone to zone doubled (i.e. Zone 2 to zone doubled) in order for the shared higher zone (i.e. Zone 10 if you are zone doubling zone 2) to have the zone doubling selection available for you.
I'm am attempting to program zones 10-16 (zone doubled) using a 6160RF as my main keypad. I have zones 2-8 set up as ZT 4. When I try to input zone 10+, I cannot change the Hardware type to wired. What am I doing wrong?
Evening all... I have the VISTA 20P with 6160RF and am testing 3 hardwired window sensors in a series. I wired them in a series w/ an EOL resistor at final sensor and for some reason only the final sensor in the series seems to work. If I open any of the other sensors, it doesn't register at the keypad as a fault/open. Thoughts?
Thank you!
Yes, you can program zone 1 to be something other than a fire zone.
I am installing a vista 21ip control panel. I know that zone 1 is set up for a 'Fire Zone' but.... I don't have any fire alarms wires to my control panel. Can I use this zone for another sensor?
Sterling, Thank you for all of the insights. I figured that was the answer. I will take it up with the seller. Thanks agan.
Okay, so Partition 1 is definitely disarmed then and you have the keypad active in P1 so the only option you have is to ask for the installer code and hope the seller knows what it is. If they don't you should return the panel to them as an unusable system. Unfortunately, we hear this type of thing happening often with Amazon/eBay security purchases.
Boot up: It then displays zone faults. Short of the installer code, any other options?
Yes, that video confirms backdoor programming is locked out. What does the keypad display change to after the Busy - Standby v4.23 D1 screen?
It displays Busy - Standby v4.23 D1: What can be done if backdoor programming is disabled? I assume the installer code is required?
What is the keypad display when you power up? It sounds like you bought a system that is locked out of backdoor programming and has an installer code that has been changed from the default 4112.
For more information, I tried addressing the 6162 for all addresses 16-23. Only 16 was active.
I received a Vista-21ip from eBay. I have a 6162 hooked up, addressed as 16. It boots up and indicates it is disarmed, and then goes into massive faults. However, I am unable to enter programming mode with 4112800 (no response). On powerup, I tried * + #, however, I just get a long beep, and then nothing happens. Does this mean another partition is armed? Any ideas?
Hi Patti, When you try the back door to get into programming (power system down completely, power up AC, hold * and # keys until you see a 20 show up on the screen) what do you see on your keypad screen? Does it say 20, does it say Installer Code 20, or does it say d1 or Busy Standby, then just go back to current status? Also, what sounds does it make?
I am trying to replace a brinks-4000a control panel with the Vista 20. I think I have the wiring set up and I am getting errors when I power up the system. Zone 1 should be the front door. It looks like the Vista default for Zone 1 is the fire control. i am trying to get into programming mode to change this programming. when i put in *56 i do not get any prompts. How do I get into programming mode? I went through the back door. Still did not work. Any help would be appreciated!
If you program the panic zone with zone type 06, it will be a 24 Hour Silent panic.
How to silent mode of Panic Button in Vista 20 p
Did you ever have Total Connect 1.0 service or were you using a physical relay for any system automation?
I've had my 20p alarm system for 5 years and everything had worked fine. But now I am getting a message that says check 114 relay module. I'm on version 9.18 and I don't know what to check. Any help? *** Thanks in advance... problem solved ***
As far as I know, an 8 (0, 8) is not a valid entry for the 2nd option of the keypad address fields. I'd recommend setting them all to 10 (0, 1, 0, 0).
Great, thanks again Sterling, all keypads sound now. The problem I think stems from the fact that the manual shows a single digit for each of the "Partition/Enable" and the "Sound" fields. However, when I do a #192, the keypad actually displays them as 2 digit fields, (01, 00). So when I programmed it the first time, I entered *192 00 01, which actually caused the problem and also corrupted the next field 193. After contacting you, I realized this, so I went back and I just did *192 1,0 and it took it fine and the re-display #192 showed it as (01,00) again. I then went back and corrected the *193 parameters. Now what does the (0,1,0,8) mean when I display the status for the other keypads #190 for address 17 and #191 for keypad address 18.
The programming lives in the panel not in each keypad. Therefore, all three keypads will show the same values when viewing any programming field. 08 is not a valid entry for the 2nd option of the *192 field but if you changed it to 01 and 00, you fixed the issue.
Okay, you had it set to suppress the arm/disarm and Entry/Exit beeps. Set field *192 to 1 and 0 (0, 1, 0, 0) and then it will beep like the rest of the keypads.
Oh and for both of the other keypads, 17 and 18, it shows *192 as "01" and "08" . I'm not sure where the "08" came from. I did change *192 to "01" "00" and they all work fine now. Maybe I'm not understanding the logic in the programming.
Okay, when I put in the #192, I see "01", but not sure if it actually appears twice because it beeps twice and the numbers don't change, so "01" and "01" I guess.
Okay and what selections do you have in field *192? Pressing #192 when in programming should display both entries for field 192.
Hi Sterling. The keypad address for the one that is not working is "19",, I have 2 other 6160s and 1 6150. Thanks
What address is this keypad set to? You can press 1 and 3 together to display the current address.
I have a Vista 20P and just noticed that one of my 3 Alpha 6160 keypads does not make the audible sound when performing exit delay countdown. All other beeps seem to work fine on this panel and all other panels do make the audible exit countdown sound. I had a look at the *37 setting, which is set to 1 and should activate the audible exit delay sound for the entire system, not just for this one panel, right? Any ideas would be appreciated. Domenic
Thanks for the update Domenic. The AURORA motion is a closed circuit device. Therefore, with multiple AURORAs wired together, you'd need to have motion in all of the motions at the same time to cause a fault. With them properly wired in series, a single motion activation, will trigger the zone. I would also like to point out that we always suggest using separate zones for each motion as false alarms generated from a motion are very hard to determine what causes the alarm. Once you introduce another area of the home into the equation, it makes it nearly impossible to ever know why the motion zone was triggered if there's no obvious signs of a break in.
Update on Aurora PIRs not working as they should. I put in a post yesterday regarding this and eventually called in, as I was really getting frustrated. It just so happened that Sterling answered and had me explain the scenario, then walked me through what the possible causes could be. My original intent was to test the motions when I armed my Vista 20p in "away" mode and wanted to make sure that the motions did activate. I set the alarm and opened and closed the main entry door, then waited for alarm to set. I then walked around and was getting the red LEDs coming on, but they did not set the alarm off. Sterling said that they were probably not wired correctly, i.e. in parallel instead of series. That was it, I had wired the motions in parallel, as I thought they were intelligent devices that would send data to the main board when they flashed, but I was wrong. Once I wired them in series with an EOLR, all was fine. Thanks again Sterling.... Domenic
If the red LED is coming on, then the Aurora is seeing motion, but it isn't able to fault the zone on the panel for some reason in that situation. The fact that you armed away, then opened and closed the E/E door would negate auto stay as the issue, even if you still had *84 enabled. If you remove power to the Auroras, but leave the zone wires connected to the panel, you should see the Aurora zone showing a fault, can you try this and let me know if this causes the zone to fault? Also, the Aurora is Normally Closed, how did you wire your zone, with EOLR, without....also, and I hate to ask, but are you sure you're not wired to the Tamper terminals (assuming you have this version) as opposed to the alarm circuit?
Have you programmed the zone as "Zone Type 04 - Interior Follower" in the *56 zone programming menu?
Question for Julia. I have a Vista 20P (purchased Jan 2015). I am trying to program my interior motion sensors (Auroras) to go active when I set alarm for "away mode". I test by arming (mycode + 2), then open and close my exit/entry door, but remain inside and stand still. I wait for the countdown to finish and then move around. This causes the red LED to come on on the sensor, but the alarm does not trip. I read the part about field *84 and setting it to 0,1,2 or 3, but there are several versions of instructions out there for this field and none seem to work for me. I just want the motions to be active when I arm and leave the house. Perhaps there is something I am missing or that has changed with the Vista 20P options. Thanks
Have you tried power cycling the system to see if the message clears?
Installed a 6162RF Keypad on my Vista 20P and now get a fault "ZN LIST 2VOICE MODULE" message. Any idea what causes this and how to get rid of it? System still arms and disarms but this is annoying.
You would have to find where the two sensors are series together and un-bundle the series connection into two separate home run zones to the panel. You would then have to reprogram the new zone for the 2-wire connection you would need to land as the separate new zone.
How would I move one exit door to a new zone and leave the other alone?
What is the version of your VISTA-20P? If you open the beige metal alarm cabinet, you should see the version listed on the black PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board. We certainly can help you get access to your system's programming and upgrade it with a cellular communicator.
Hi- I recently purchased a house that has an existing hardwired alarm panel. It looks like a Honeywell ADEMCO Visto-20P with 8 zones at lease that is what the sticker states in the panel. I do not believe in land lines, but given the existing hardwired connections to every window / door and motion sensor; it it possible to leverage this panel to connect to a central monitoring using cellular? I understand I may need to add a cellular gateway of some kind.I do not have the installer codes unfortunately and looks like a alpha numeric keypad. Appreciate any guidance here.
You should program it as EOLR for Input Type and you should run a 2k resistors in series at the motion. You should program Interior w/Delay for the Response Type on the one that looks directly at a delay door and you should use Interior Follower for the other motions.
Sterling. What are the settings for a wired motion sensor on a vista 20p panel? I have 1 that needs interior follow w/delay (this one is looking at the front door) and one that would be instant. On the vista 20p are they EOL, NC, NO, 24 hr, perimeter?
Yes, the programming for your system is held in the actual control panel. The keypads are simply used to change the control panel's settings and control the system.
IF you add a 6160 t existing set up -does new 6160 read the programing of exisitng 6160's? ie 01 front door (and zone settings) ?
Tom, Code + 5 + 1 is never going to call the pager phone numbers, it is specifically there to cause the panel to call what's in field *41, and *42. To test, after you've set up the pager number with your phone number (amd making sure to program *162 with whatever options you want to report) you need to cause an alarm, or a trouble, or whatever you programmed to report to you in *162. That will be the only way to test it.
Chime is toggle on or off by entering your master code followed by the 9 button. There is no way to turn off the ability to toggle chime on or off so I imagine you are entering the wrong code or the wrong sequence.
You need to have a four digit code entered in the account number field (*43). It doesn't matter what you choose for a code but reporting will work without an account number set in field 43.
i may have messed up something when I tried to assess the programming when I still had the 6150 panel. Would a restore factory defaults blank out everything? I noticed that i cannot turn on the chime deal at this point. if that gives a clue to what I may have messed up
thanks tried to set it up using the pager * code. i entered my phone just 9566078177 hit the * and got three beeps. exit with *99 and tried mycode + 5+1 to see if it would call. just two beeps no call and the screen goes back to disarmed..ready to arm, ugh...i entered 9999 for the installer code, hit* three beeps. on the report format field i tried entering different report values and it doesnt accept with beeps..just comes back with field? on the screen. i entered a value for no delay on page on alarm....are there any fields I'm missing?
If you just want the panel to call you, not a central station receiver, then you'd be better off to use the pager 1 programming, and blank out the primary and secondary phone numbers (*41* and *42* to blank them out). Any account number you can recognize should suffice.
oh...sorry i have a vista 20 p with a 6160 panel
what is a valid account number?...i just want it to call me. the first thing the cops do is shoot your dogs. I entered my phone number in the * 41 field but when i test it with my code ,5 +1 nothing happens. are there other fields that need to be entered? Or do i use the pager deal?
OK sounds like are making good progress. You have the VISTA-15P revision 2.5. If you are interested in upgrading the panel, you can swap in a PROM chip upgrade: This will bring system up to revision 10 + which meets the requirements for Total Connect 2.0. TC is an app that gives you the ability to remotely arm/disarm and setup text/email alerts.
Frank, thank you for the quick response. It is NOT a 20P, the PROM says WA15P 2.5, I was looking at the sticker on the panel. I continued to fiddle with it yesterday and totally messed it up and then started over by putting in the IC again. After that I was able to put in a master code with the 8 02 sequence and got a beep, no beep before. I now have an IC and MC that I know and it seems to be working. I'm slowly trying to figure out its capabilities and limitations.
Are you sure its a VISTA-20P? Does it read "WA20P" on the PROM chip located in the center of the board? Let me know either way.
I inherited this system and it's been idle and I am not trying to bring it back to life. It reads AC, the battery is now good and has a ready light. I've been able to "back door" the system and change the installer code but now I am not able to use the "installer code" + [8] + [02] method to get a new master code. Thoughts to move ahead?
There are many, a 15SE is non-addressable, meaning all keypads connected to the panel will be set to address 31, a 15P is addressable, keypads are address 16 - 23, the 15P supports scheduling, the 15SE does not, the 15P has trigger outputs from the panel, the 15se does not. The 15P supports a keyswitch on any hardwire zone, the 15SE does not. The 15SE supports only 1 4219 for HW zone expansion, the 15P supports 2 4219's for HW expansion. The 15P can support touchscreen keypads, the 15SE can not. I'm sure there are more differences, but this is a start.
Hi there. So, what is the differences between the SE and the P versions of the vistas? Like, what's the difference between 15P and 15SE?
Yes, I think the iGSMV4G would be a great addition to your system.
Sterling/Frank, you're dragging me into the modern world guys (I only just recently got my first smart phone)! I totally agree this is the way to go; and digging deeper, I would probably want cellular backup, so I've found the iGSMV4G Communicator which looks like the way to go for both internet and cellular - would you agree? I want monitoring as well, so I think I'd be up to $30 month a now, which is less than I'm paying for my landline alone which is only used for the security system!
You can also check out the 7847i internet communicator ( if you are interested in the Total Connect 2.0 service ( This communicator requires an ethernet connection to your router. The app is secure with a constantly updated user interface designed for self monitoring. You can set up customizable text and email alerts as well.
Remote arming/disarming is best done through a Total Connect account. If you add a 7847i ( internet communicator to your system, our Self Monitoring plan at for $10/month would allow you to control the system from and/or from a mobile device using the Total Connect 2.0 app. You can also receive text/email alerts from the system with that service.
Perfect - my chip is 9.18. That VIP programming looked pretty desirable, so I'm happy I'll be able to use it. I also want to be able to remotely arm/disarm, so am looking at a 4286 Voice Module (looks like eBay be the source for these old guys). So, I'm off to dig up the FAQs about that! Thanks so much Sterling - fantastic resource you and this site are!
The keypad would work regardless of the version. You just wouldn't be able to use the VIP programming if your panel is less than 9.16. You can check your version by looking at the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board.
Thank you Sterling. Well, I just found the 6162RF, but not sure if the level of my 20P would support it - how do I tell if my panel supports revision 9.16 or not?
Yes, the 6160RF is an alphanumeric keypad that would allow you to access the full panel programming.
I have a 20P with 6150RF Keypad. I want to do some programming. Is the 6160RF Keypad the right choice for me? Thank you.
If you have any silent panics programmed in your system, an alarm on one of these will cause the display to show "Disarmed, press * to show faults" but when you press *, no zone numbers will be displayed. Try entering your valid code + off a couple of times. If it is alarm memory, this should clear it and under normal circumstances, any new faults should be displayed automatically.
If you press *, it will display the zone(s) currently faulted. Also, if you enter your master code followed by the 9 key, Chime will be displayed and then when you open the zone, it will cause an audible chime alert. You may have a speaker and your old Bosch panel may have had a built in siren driver. If you replace the speaker with one of our wired sirens ( ) which are speakers with integrated siren drivers, it should work.
When I trip zones in unarmed mode it does not show the tripped zones on 6160 key pad only press * to check faults. When in armed mode it it sends zoned tripped to CS. Is there something needing turned on to display zones in unarmed state? Also will any siren work with 20p panel old system was a Bosch panel, when system in armed state and set off no siren. Connect to battery siren will sound. sorry for multiple posts just tired
When I trip zones in unarmed mode it does not show the zones on 6160 key pad only press * to check faults. When in armed mode it it sends zoned tripped to CS. Is there something needing turned on to display zones in unarmed state? Also will any siren work with 20p panel old system was a Bosch panel, when system in armed state and set off no siren. Connect to battery siren will sound.
When I trip zones in unarmed mode it does not shot the zones on 6160 key pad on * the check faults. When in armed mode it it sends zoned tripped to CS. Is there something needing turned on to display zones in unarmed state?
Thank you guys for all your help. wish me luck.
Power cycling will not reset any system programming. You should test all zones once you are done to make sure they all function properly still.
one more question please. I have to use the backdoor method because i don't have installer code. will this reset the other zones? and is there a way to check zones after programming to make sure i didn't screw up any other zones. so this new motion detector do end up in a divorce. lol Here's a step through on zone programming in general. You would want to program the zone type as an interior type, either a Zone Type 04 for Interior Follower, or Zone Type 10, for Interior with Delay. Interior Follower will give entry delay, IF an Entry/Exit zone is tripped prior to the motion being tripped. If the motion is tripped before an Entry/Exit zone, it will go into alarm without delay. Interior with Delay ALWAYS gives delay. Any Interior Zone Type will automatically be bypassed in the STAY or INSTANT arming mode.
How do you install a new wireless motion detector on a honeywell vista 20p. it would be in the room so i don't want it picking up motion in stay mode. can you help please?
I would recommend you fully power cycle your system since are you now stuck somewhere in programming and every button you press risks further messing up the programming that was correct originally. Remove a lead to your panel's battery backup and unplug the transformer. When you power back up, it should not be in programming anymore and you can test all your zones to make sure you didn't make any critical programming errors.
I was trying to figure out if my Vista 20P + k4392v2-h m7240 keypad combo supports adding a wireless device since I couldn't quite tell if I could just purchase a wireless device and program it in or if I needed to add a wireless module/RF keypad to get the wireless device to work. I figured I would check to see if my keypad supports programming, since I read that not all keypads support programming. Should have researched more :( I hit "<installer_code> 800". Keypad showed "20". I hit *56 Keypad went blank. I knew that was not expected. Tried hitting 00 and *99, hoping to exit the menu. But it appears stuck. Tried 00 and *99 many times. A whole bunch of numbers showed up at different times, but it never exited the programming state. Right now, both keypads have their backlight lit, displaying "91" and "No AC". This was working perfectly until I messed it.... Any suggestions?
I apologize Pedro but we don't support Compass connections.
what type of laptop u need to program 20p honeywell using a compass at home
The account number is field *43 in programming.
what will make a vista 20se panel change the account # from ex 9308 to 4200
Odd I know. So I tried again and I let the siren blast and it looks like it only lasts a short blast and then the panel says Test in Progress so I think all is well. Thanks for your help.
I'm not sure why the siren would have gone off with that command. Installer Code + # + 4 is the proper command for Go/No Go Test. Then you would just fault the motion and if the keypad beeps three times, then you know it works. Once you have verified it works, just disarm to cancel the test mode.
Great posting. Your seo works because I found your monitoring deal through a search for Vista help. I have an issue with the go/no go test. I type installer code (default 4112) + # + 4 but the siren goes off. I added a new wireless motion and it works but I want to make sure the signal is good before permanently mounting it. Thanks.
Love to hear that!
THANKS Sterling.. Just saved 50 bucks !!!
You just have to enable a new address (something that's not used now) with *190 or above (depending on the address). Assuming your existing keypad is set to 16 (you can press and hold 1 and 3 to verify), you would enter programming and press *190 followed by 10 followed by *99. That would set address 17 to be enabled and then you just power cycle and press and hold 1 and 3 on the new keypad and set it to the new address 17.
Hi. I have a 20p and a 6160 keypad and want to add another keypad. The alarm company won't give me the installer code. I think i know the steps from this page and the instruction book, but if someone could walk me through steps for a sanity check, I would be very grateful.
Yes. This is the perfect FAQ for your question. It only resets the installer code. Then you can use the installer code to reset the master code. Glad you are using our FAQ system!
Guess this answered my question -->
If I use the "backdoor" method to reset the installer code, does it reset everything or just allow me to reset the installer code?
Do you get a long error tone when you press and hold * and #?
I am trying to backdoor my system and when I power up it shows d1 on the keypad display. I follow direction to hold down * & # but *20 never appears on display. If I walk away alarm will sound and I cannot get it to turn off unless I unplug AC.
Thank you!!
Make sure to zero out field 24 as well. That is the RF House ID Code option and if you aren't using wireless that needs to be set to 0s otherwise you'll get the Check 100 error. I'm glad to have helped!
Thank you again. We don't have anything wireless so I will zero that out as well. This alarm is only a one zone garage alarm with one entrance door so I guess I actually bought too much of an alarm for that but seems to be working now thanks again you saved this old woman from getting more grey hairs. Too old for this tech
AC Loss would mean that your panel transformer is unplugged or disconnected. CK100 RF Receiver means that you have wireless zones programmed but the panel isn't seeing them. It most likely means your wireless receiver isn't connected properly.
Thank you soooo much for your response. I got the ready light to come on and was able to set alarm and then disarm but now it shows 'AC LOSS" and "CK100 RF RECEIVER" what does that mean? We are dummies and I am amazed we have gotten this far,thanks for your help.
If you press the * key, it should display which zones are in fault so you can then go close those zones and get the system ready to arm.
why does the ready light not come on I have programed all zones set time,set clock,set master code and still no ready light and will not arm?did not hook up phone I zeroed that to disable Thanks
You are most likely stuck in a sub menu mode. If you just power the system down and back up, it may work but you may not have all your changes saved.
If I'm in programming and I want exit and *99 don't help if I dic the battery will be okay ?
Ah okay, so that's done by programming a custom word into custom word position 11 for partition 1. If you are using other partitions, custom word 12 would show up for partition 2 and custom word 13 would show up in the common partition. Custom word programming is detailed in the VISTA-15P/VISTA-20P programming guide ( on page 30.
yeah im using a alpha numeric keypad..i meant to say if i want to display particular name in the standby display...
Are you asking about changing a zone name? If so, you will need an alphanumeric keypad to do that. DO you know if you have that type of keypad?
hi! you have nice and very informative discussions... just to ask also is there a way to change a name displayed on the screen of the alarm keypad? thanks....
Are you using the Pager feature to have the system call your phone or do you have it monitored at a central station?
im using vista 20p i want to disable calling phone when low battery can someone help?
Leon, you can remotely program if you are using an AlarmNet communicator. We don't support Uplink at this time so you would have to ask them for help with those communicators.
Okay, enter programming mode and hit *56. Then, hit 0 on the SET TO CONFIRM? screen. Now you will be at the Enter Zn Num. screen. Starting with 01, press the 2-digit zone number followed by the * key. If the zone is enabled, there will be a number other than 00 under the ZT section of the summary screen. Once you have checked if that zone is enabled, you can press # to back up to the Enter Zn Num. screen and go to the next zone. Continue the process until you have checked all zones. Once you are done press 00 on the Enter Zn. Num. screen to exit the *56 menu. Then you can press *82 to check the alpha descriptors. You will do a similar process to check each zone.
yes, i do have the alphanumeric keypad, i think it is the 6160.
yes, i do have the alphanumeric keypad, i think it is the 6160.
First, are you sure you have an alphanumeric keypad? If not, you should not enter the *56 menu.
thank you, can you also tell me once i'm in the *56 zone programming menu, how i would navigate to view the zones without changing anything?
You can view the programmed zones if you have an alphanumeric keypad and you enter the *56 zone programming menu. There is no other readout of the zones through the keypad.
on the keypad, can it display a list all the zones and alpha names on the system?
Try pressing 1* and then 0* when you enter *29. It sounds like you don't have an alphanumeric keypad so it's not displaying the information you'd normally see.
I need to enable LRR, but when I enter *29 nothing happens and the text "no ac" gets lit.
You enter installer code + 800. Then, press *41, then enter the number for the central station receiver. Use a 1 before the number. Press * after you have keyed in the full number. Make sure to also put the valid account number in field *43.
Change phone number on vista 20 p Have install code Have primary phone no. Code *41
Change phone number on vista 20 p Have install code Have primary phone no. Code *41

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