How Much Does Total Connect Cost?

If all you need is a standalone Total Connect account with no central station service included, you aren't going to find that service offered by many alarm monitoring companies. Alarm Grid is one of the only companies offering that sort of monitoring option with our Self alarm monitoring plans, and there's NO CONTRACT.

With the Self Bronze plan, you can get Total Connect service for only $10/month if you are using an internet communicator. This offers full access to control your security system remotely and setup customized text and email alerts. More and more alarm owners are integrating home automation with their security systems. Z-Wave lights, locks and thermostats have become very popular. Our new Self Silver plan adds the ability to remotely control and view status of all your enrolled Z-Wave devices right on the same TC app! The Self Silver plan is $15/month. Both the Self Bronze and Silver require that you are using internet communicator like the L5100-WIFI, 7847i, VISTA-21iP or the iGSMV4G configured as IP only.

If you are using a cellular communicator like the GSMVLP5-4G, 3GL, GSMV4G or iGSMV4G the monthly rate for self monitoring your alarm system is $25/month. This is our Self Gold plan. This service includes the remote automation features mentioned above and includes unlimited cellular data. The cost of the monthly cellular service is included in the $25/month charge. This makes everything easier since our services are no contract.

If you want central station monitoring in addition to your Total Connect services, you can find that easily as well. Alarm Grid has central station plans starting at $25/month for the Silver plan, if you are using a WIFI/IP communicator, and $35/month for Gold if you are using a cellular communicator. This includes dispatching of police, fire and medical teams during an alarm or panic situation. These plans are usually required if you are looking to acquire a discount on your homeowner's insurance policy. After you setup service, we will send a certificate of alarm to your insurance agent as proof of monitoring.

For further explanation, see Alarm Grid's monitoring options. They are simple to understand. If you are interested in Total Connect, you must choose any plan except our Bronze plan, which is just central station monitoring, via phone line or IP/WIFI, without Total Connect.

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They actually just released a new beta Android app (available at and that does do push notifications and once the new Total Connect 2.0 app is fully released, push notifications will be available on iOS and Android devices.
Thanks, Android is not supported?
The Total Connect 2.0 service can send email and text alerts and if you have iOS devices, you can ever get push notifications. Does your cellular carrier support an SMS gateway? That would be required for text messages. You'd have to check with them if you are unsure. No central station service would be available for you in Costa Rica.
so the unit can be configure to send a message to a particupar phone or only a central station?
I don't think the cellular module would work in Costa Rica so you'd have to buy that and check the Comm Diagnostics to see if it picks up a signal if you wanted a cellular based option. It most likely won't work though as the cellular module is designed for AT&T or Verizon. However, using the L5100-WIFI module, you could certainly get TC2 service in Costa Rica using our Self Bronze or Self Silver service plans as long as you have internet access at the property.
Planning to buy the Lynx 5210 or 7000, but still looking for details on how they work.
What alarm system do you have?
What do I need to run the system in Costa Rica? I'd like to have notifications thru my cellphone in Costa Rica. Will the Internet card work or do I need the GSM card?
Are you interested in central station service and Total Connect 2.0 or just Total Connect 2.0 without central station service?
with L7000 system WIFI module and HOneywell wap plus and Wrex repeater
Honeywell Ipcam WO
Which model cameras do you have?
Yes, we offer Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service through our "self monitoring" plans in Costa Rica.
How much is the cost to live monitorig cameras tru Celular App
Do you offer services in Costa Rica
Yes, we do. What system and communicator(s) do you have?
Do you offer service in Mexico?
Yes, we do. Feel free to sign up online at
Do you offer services in Puerto Rico.
We actually just changed our monitoring plans this morning. If you have a cellular communicator and want access to Total Connect 2.0, you would now need to sign up for the Self Bronze plan for $35 at However, we do have our existing legacy plans available too at and the Self Monitoring with Cellular Communications plan would be $20/month for that service. I hope this helps but let us know if you have any follow up questions.
With the $20 a month for cell communicator, does it cover the app?
Z-Wave and Video would both be add on features so the $20 rate would only allow remote arming/disarming and text and email alerts using a cellular communicator. There is no limit to how often you can use the app or who can receive text and email alerts.
Do I get all the total connect features for $20 over cell? Like arm/disarm, z-wave, video, email, text and is there a limit to how often I can use the app?
Yes, we do offer service in Canada. Call or email us next week if you would like to chat with someone.
do you offer service in Canada? If not can you suggest?

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