How much is Total Connect?

If you have a Honeywell alarm system and you want to control it remotely and receiver text and email alerts from the system, you'll need Total Connect 2.0 service. As an end user, you won't be able to sign up directly through Honeywell for Total Connect service. You'll need to go through an AlarmNet provider and there are monthly costs involved. Honeywell manages the AlarmNet servers and provides updates and new Total Connect features and therefore the service is not free. We offer Total Connect service with all of our no contract security monitoring plans excluding the Bronze plan which includes central station monitoring without Total Connect involved. The Silver/Gold/Platinum plans include central station service and Total Connect 2.0 service. The four self monitoring plans at the bottom of the monitoring sign up page are Total Connect standalone plans with no central station involved. If you would like to test drive Total Connect 2.0 please go ahead and log into our account to take a closer look at the layout and functionality.

The Self Bronze plan for $10/month is the least expensive plan we offer that would provide your system with Total Connect service. If you want system and remote Z-Wave home automation control, then you'd need to choose the Self Silver plan for $15/month. The Self Gold plan for $25/month provides remote system and Z-Wave control but also includes the cellular data charges if you are using a cellular or dual path (IP and cellular) alarm communicator. Finally, the Self Platinum plan adds in Total Connect 2.0 video services. The plans that include central station and Total Connect 2.0 follow a similar pricing model. The Silver plan for $25/month includes central station and Total Connect with system and Z-Wave control. The Gold plan for $35/month includes all the same services but also includes the cellular communications. The Platinum plan for $45/month includes all the services in the Gold plan but also brings in support for the AlarmNet IPCAMs for Total Connect video surveillance.

Total Connect 2.0 does have certain equipment requirements as not all Honeywell systems are compatible with Total Connect 2.0. Also, you can't get Total Connect unless your system has a Honeywell alarm communicator. Total Connect will not be available if your system communicates solely through a analog or VOIP phone line. If your system is Total Connect compatible and you have the right internet, cellular or dual path alarm communicator, you can sign up for any of the plans that include Total Connect and Alarm Grid will then provide you with log-in credentials once the account has been activated. Keep in mind that if you have a cellular or dual path communicator, you'll need to choose one of the Self Gold/Gold or Self Platinum/Platinum plans as the Self Bronze and Self Silver/Silver plans are only available for systems that use an internet alarm communicator. The cost for the cellular data charges are wrapped into the price of monitoring so you don't have to pay any local cellular carrier in addition to your monthly alarm monitoring rate.

Looking to verify the revision number on your VISTA Series alarm panel? Open up the beige metal can that houses your alarm system. In the center of the green circuit board you will see a 1 inch by 1 inch black PROM chip. This chip will show the following: WA(Model number) - (revision number). For example, a VISTA-20P Revision 9.12 will show "WA20P-9.12". If you find that your panel's revision is on or above the compatibility requirement then your system will support Total Connect once you have an alarm communicator hooked up.

If your panel's revision is lower than the requirement you will need to swap in a new panel. If you happen to have a VISTA-15P or VISTA-20P you are in luck! You can find a VISTA-15P PROM and VISTA-20P PROM upgrade chip on our website and once you swap in the new PROM chip, your system will then support Total Connect 2.0. The PROM upgrade will bring you up to the current revision without the hassle of swapping or re-programming your alarm control panel.

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