How do I connect an iPhone to my Honeywell L5100?

There are two ways to connect to the Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system to an iPhone. For those looking simply to have local control of the system, all that is needed is the L5100-WIFI and Honeywell's L5100 Connect app, which can be purchased from the iTunes store. This app allows an user to perform all system controls from their smart device. It communicates with the system over the local WIFI network, which means that using the app works much more quickly than Total Connect, which communicates with your system over an off-site server.

The second way an user can access his system using a smart phone or tablet is that they have an AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 alarm monitoring plan. AlarmNet is a Honeywell communications network for Honeywell alarm systems and their services, including Total Connect 2.0, are offered through a dealer network. You must also have a Honeywell internet alarm monitoring communicator or cellular alarm communicator in order to sign up for a Total Connect 2.0 service plan. The L5100-WIFI for internet connectivity, and the GSMVLP-4G for cellular connectivity are compatible with the L5100. Once you have a Total Connect 2.0 service plan, you will be able to download the free Total Connect 2.0 application from the app store, and sign in to your account on your iPhone. The Total Connect service allows you to remotely control the L5100 through a virtual keypad, and also to set up text and email notifications.

For the most comprehensive and satisfactory control, using the connect app in tandem with Total Connect will allow an user both fast local control and complete control when they are not on their own WIFI network.

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Okay, got it. Thx! I'll think about it.
That must be the LYNX Connect app. It allows you to control the system as long as you are on the same network as the system. If you ever wanted Total Connect 2.0 access so that you could arm/disarm remotely and receive text/emails alerts from the system, you'd need one of our self monitoring plans.
NVM. Spoke too soon. I had to reconnect the L5100 to the internet. Now I can arm my device from away. Thanks. I'm impressed you're here to help on a Sunday. Thanks again!!
Which app did you purchase?
Okay, I just purchased the app but realized I can't connect without a plan. :( I think you said that somewhere.
Yes, there is a trade off between a nicer WIFI thermostat for better HVAC control and a Z-Wave thermostat that offers security and HVAC integration but with more limited HVAC functionality. I'm glad to hear the videos were helpful and please do consider us for our no-contract alarm monitoring plans -
Thanks Sterling. I figured that out and have removed the Smart Thermostat and am using the Honeywell Thermostat. I really liked the Smart Thermostat though! I'm downloading the app so I suppose it will work. It's better because I'll now be able to control the thermostat as well as the alarm panel. Thanks for your videos, they've helped me figure out the L5100 panel. It was in a house I purchased and I didn't enroll in the alarm monitoring company so I'm figuring it out on my own.
The L5100 only works with Z-Wave thermostats so if your new thermostat is a WIFI thermostat, you'll have to run it separate from the alarm system.
Are you using Total Connect 2.0 or LYNX Connect App?
Having the same problem as Rob. I had the Lynx 5200 connected for a while (able to control devices like being on the panel), and then all of a sudden, my iPhone app doesn't connect to the system anymore. Any ideas?
You will need to use Total Connect 2.0 or Lynx Connect app in order to control your L5200 over your WIFI. LYNX Connect incurs a one time charge and only allows you to connect to your system locally on your WIFI network. Total Connect 2.0 allow you to connect to your system locally and remotely using WIFI and/or Cellular connection. Total Connect is a free app however incurs a monthly cost. We offer a no contract self monitoring plan for $10/month. You can sign up here if you are interested:
cannot sync my iphone to the L5200 with wifi. Is there a discover mode on the L5200

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