Is the 2GIG SP1 a Z-Wave Controller?

No, the 2GIG SP1 is not a Z-Wave controller. But this is not a big deal, as the 2GIG GC3 System itself already has a built-in Z-Wave controller. The 2GIG SP1 Keypad will still allow you to perform Z-Wave smart home automation functions. Z-Wave communication will occur through the panel.

2gig gc3 diy wireless security system w slash 7 screenIn order to control Z-Wave devices, you will need a Z-Wave controller. The GC3 System itself actually has a built-in Z-Wave controller for this purpose. A user can go to their GC3 Panel and control any programmed Z-Wave devices. They can also activate any smart scenes they have created.

The 2GIG SP1 is a wireless touchscreen keypad used exclusively with the GC3 System. It provides a second on-site location for operating the system. Just like the GC3 System itself, the SP1 allows users to view system status, bypass zones and arm and disarm as needed. The SP1 can also produce chimes and voice annunciations and display a 5-day whether forecast.

However, the standout feature for the SP1 is its ability to perform home automation functions. Although the SP1 itself does not have a built-in Z-Wave controller, it can forward any automation commands to the GC3 System. The GC3 will then use its Z-Wave controller to execute any commands. This is a step up over the 2GIG SP2 Keypad, which cannot forward home automation commands to the GC3 System.

By using a 2GIG SP1 Keypad, you can perform Z-Wave home automation commands from both the keypad and the system. Remember, you will also be able to execute home automation commands remotely using the platform. This is possible through both the Website and the Mobile App.

Simply put, although the 2GIG SP1 Keypad is not technically a Z-Wave controller, it can still be used to operate Z-Wave devices and smart scenes after it has been successfully paired with a 2GIG GC3 System.

Please note that Firmware Version or higher is required on the 2GIG GC3 to support the 2GIG SP1 Keypad. If you need to upgrade the firmware, please click here.

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