Is there a 2Gig GoControl Graphical Touchscreen Keypad?

The 2GIG Go!Control is a self-contained wireless alarm system. The GoControl itself is a colored touchscreen keypad. This is where the installer can access the installer toolbox and program security zones and automation devices. The GoControl also supports two auxiliary touchscreen for other points of control. One is the 2GIG TS1 which is also a colored touchscreen keypad. The other is the 2GIG PAD1 which is a standard fixed keypad without any display at all. This is simply used to arm, disarm and issue panic alarms. The TS1 on the other hand is a beautiful touchscreen keypad that allows alarm users to view status and control any included automation device. It is also a robust security controller.

2gig ts1

The GoControl supports up to 4 TS1's and requires the installation of the 2GIG XCVR2-345 transceiver. The GoControl comes from the factory with a 345MHz receiver so it can support the 2GIG and Honeywell RF sensors. The XCVR2 replaces the existing receiver on board the GoControl panel. It has both a 345MHz receiver and a 900MHz transceiver. The transceiver supports bi-directional RF communications from devices that operate on the 900MHz frequency. The TS1, Go!Bridge IP communicator and the IMAGE1 motion image sensor all require this unit to integrate with the GoControl panel.

A message, "This device is not paired with a control panel" will appear after you power up and before you program it to the system. The TS1 installation manual walks you through programming the TS1 in the Q4 field. The RF keypad equipment code is 1059. You are required to 'Learn' in the TS1 to the control panel.

On the control panel at the "Pair with Xcvr Device" screen, ensure the Type reads "2GIG‐TS1‐E Wireless Touch Screen Keypad" and that the ID number is populated. On the keypad at the "Pair with Panel screen," ensure that the Network ID shows a unique hexadecimal number for the control panel and that the Keypad ID number appears.

Note: The TS1 ships with the AC1 transformer which does not include any power cabling. You can purchase the AC2-PLUG separately if you prefer a barrel connector DC plug with a 10 foot cable.

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