Is Z-Wave Required To Get Weather On An L5200 Or L7000?

No, Z-Wave is not required to get weather on a Lynx Touch L5200 or L7000.

The easiest way to view and display weather on a Lynx Touch L5200 or L7000 alarm panel is to have a Total Connect 2.0 account.

Once connected to Total Connect 2.0 the home screen will display the time, date and weather (as applicable) on the left third of the screen and the Security, Automation, Video and Notices icons or are displayed on the right side of the screen. Additionally News, Traffic and Notices selection icons are displayed.

Users should ask the monitoring provider which of these features have been programmed in the alarm system.

If a user's L5200 or L7000 alarm panel is equipped with a gsm cell communicator, internet communicator or WiFi module, but is not subscribed to Total Connect 2.0, the alarm panel can be programmed to receive single day weather information. If an internet communicator or WiFi module is installed the the weather updates every 4 hours during the 3, 7, 11 am/pm hours (local time). If a gsm communicator is installed the weather updates twice daily at 12 am/pm local time.To ensure you get accurate weather forecasts you must enter as much location information as possible. This is especially important in more rural areas where the ZIP/Postal code covers a wide region.

To program weather, from the Home Screen, select the "Location" icon. The system will advance to the Location Screen. Select "City" and enter the required information on the displayed keypad. The city must be spelled properly. It should contain spaces where required. (example "new york city"). Select "Done" when finished. Select "Country" and When entering the country, use the following codes: United States = "US" Canada = "CA". Select "Done" when finished. Select "State" When entering the State or Province, be sure to use the proper 2-character State/Possession or Province/Territory abbreviation. Select "Done" when finished. Select "Zip Code" and enter the correct five digit US zip code or six character Canadian postal code. Do not insert any spacing in the entry. Select "Done" when finished. Select "Save" when all fields are complete.

The Home Screen will be displayed within a few minutes and local weather will appear.

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Glad we can help. Feel free to sign up with us after your contract expires: Happy Holidays!
Thanks. My motioning company first said it took more money to set up the temperature feature. I then told them that is not so - then they fixed it. Sorry I didn't find your site before signing up for a year..I'll renew with you in appreciation of the effort you have gone thru to provide the you tube videos.
You should ask your current company to add the Total Connect Information services to your account as it seems they don't have that active now.
Yes. I can arm/disarm and all my sensors show up on T.C. 2.0
Do you have an active Total Connect 2.0 account?
Performed all the above and my Local Weather does not update. Temp is stuck at 45 degrees.

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