Honeywell VISTA-21iPLTE Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Do Dual Path Monitoring on a Honeywell Home VISTA 21iPLTE?
The Honeywell Home VISTA 21iPLTE includes a built-in IP communicator. But you must add a separate cellular communicator if you want to do dual-path. Learn about the VISTA 21iPLTE.

Can I Program My VISTA 21iPLTE To Use IP Only?
A VISTA 21iPLTE has a built-in IP communicator for connecting with AlarmNet360. Cellular backup is optional, but recommended. Learn about VISTA 21iPLTE Communication Paths.

Can I Connect My VISTA-21iPLTE Panel to WIFI?
With an ethernet to WIFI converter, you can get your VISTA-21iPLTE connected to WIFI. You might also want to get cellular backup. Learn how to us a VISTA-21iPLTE with WIFI.