Total Connect vs.

Total Connect and provide very similar offerings for end users. The type of service you use will depend on what type of security panel you own. If you have a Honeywell system, you will use Total Connect. Most other security systems will connect with the service.

There are very few differences between the actual Total Connect and services. The most notable is that requires any alarm system that is set up with their service to have an active cellular connection. While an IP connection can also be used with, a cellular connection is always required. Meanwhile, Total Connect does not require a cellular connection, and a panel can access Total Connect with strictly an IP setup.

The only other difference is relatively minor. On, it is possible to set up security cameras with a continuous 24 hour streaming schedule. On Total Connect, this is not possible, and recording will only take place when motion is detected on a Honeywell IP Camera.

Total Connect
Strictly Honeywell 2GIG, Qolsys, others not sold by Alarm Grid
Compatible Panels Vista Series, Lynx Series, Lyric Controller IQ Panel, IQ Panel 2, GC2, GC3
Z-Wave Home Automation
Yes Yes
Check Sensor Status
Yes Yes
Remote Arm/Disarm
Yes Yes
Video Surveillance
Yes Yes
Video Cameras Honeywell IP Cameras Cameras
Recording Schedule Only when motion is detected 24 Hours with SVR
Mobile App
Yes Yes
Max Locations
Unlimited - Tested Up To 500 Unlimited
IP or Cellular Cellular is required, but IP is also supported.
Real-Time Alerts Yes Yes
Geo-Fence Yes Yes

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