What Automation Options Do I Have For ADC That Don't Include Z-Wave Devices?

There are many automation options for ADC that don't include Z-Wave devices. These mostly involve server-to-server integrations. Some examples of compatible non-Z-Wave integrations for Alarm.com include Lutron, Sonos, LeGrand, Google Nest, Rachio, Rain Bird, LiftMaster MyQ, and more.

Normally when you consider automation for use with an Alarm.com Security System, you think of Z-Wave devices. Nearly every Alarm.com Panel readily supports Z-Wave, and you can pair the devices for use locally at the panel and remotely through the Alarm.com Mobile App and website. You can also build smart scenes around Z-Wave devices so that they activate automatically based on a set schedule and/or with predetermined system events. Popular Z-Wave devices include lights, door locks, thermostats, and more.

But Z-Wave devices aren't the only automation devices you can integrate with Alarm.com. The platform also allows for various server-to-server integrations with compatible automation equipment. These server-to-server integrations typically involve providing the credentials for the compatible platform to Alarm.com. You can then access Alarm.com to control the associated device(s). Alarm.com will actually communicate with the outside platform, and that platform will relay any commands to the appropriate devices.

In most cases, Alarm.com doesn't really add any new functionality, but this does give you the ability to conveniently control more devices through the single Alarm.com App. Please note that the functionality through Alarm.com may be a bit limited, and you may need to perform some functions and commands through a device's native app. Also note that nearly every server-to-server integration requires your alarm monitoring company to enable the feature on your Alarm.com account. Contact your monitoring company to request these integrations. If you are monitored by Alarm Grid, then you may contact us at support@alarmgrid.com for this purpose.

For this FAQ, we will briefly discuss the various server-to-server integrations available for Alarm.com. Lutron Lights can integrate with Alarm.com, provided that you have a PRO Smart Bridge model, such as the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge PRO 2. This will give you the ability to control your smart lights from the Alarm.com App and have your lights turn ON and OFF based on activity on your security system. Remember that only the PRO models of the Lutron central hubs are compatible with Alarm.com, so make sure you have one of those models. You can learn more about using Lutron Lights with Alarm.com in this blog post.

Sound integrations for Alarm.com include Sonos and Legrand. With compatible audio hardware, you can have your Sonos or Legrand Sound System activate with certain activity on your security system. You can also control your audio devices through the Alarm.com Mobile App. Alarm.com has a special audio card for this purpose. More information on the Alarm.com Sonos Integration can be found here, while information regarding the Legrand Audio integration can be found in this FAQ.

Alarm.com allows integration with Google Nest Thermostats. This is usually seen as an alternative to setting up a Z-Wave thermostat. The integration only allows for limited functionality, but you can still use Alarm.com to adjust the temperature and mode of your Google Nest Thermostat. You can also include the thermostat with Alarm.com Smart Scenes. More information on completing the Nest integration can found in this helpful FAQ.

If you have a Rachio or Rain Bird Irrigation System, then you can also integrate that with Alarm.com. This will allow you to access Alarm.com to control the associated sprinkler system and other irrigation equipment. Upon completing the integration, an irrigation card will appear within the Alarm.com Mobile App for this purpose. In most cases, you will still want to use the native app for irrigation system scheduling. But ADC integration is still good for some basic functionality and checking status. Review this FAQ for Rain Bird, and this FAQ for Rachio.

The last server-to-server integration we will be discussing in this FAQ is for LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Controllers. By completing this integration, you can open and close your garage door from the Alarm.com Mobile App. You can also include the garage door with smart scenes and set a time-based schedule for the garage door. Remember that Alarm.com needs to speak with the MyQ servers in order for any command associated with the garage door to go through. If there is ever a problem with the MyQ servers, then Alarm.com will not be able to control the garage door. You can learn more about the LiftMaster MyQ integration for Alarm.com by reviewing this informative FAQ.

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