What Battery Does the 5816 Use?

The 5816 Door/Window transmitter uses a single 3 Volt lithium battery, and has a 3 - 5 year average battery life. When the time comes to change the battery, use only those recommended by the manufacturer. Use the Panasonic CR123A, the Duracell DL123A, the Ademco 466, or the Huiderui CR123A.

Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices can use one of several different input types. Input Type 03 (Supervised RF), Input Type 04 (Unsupervised RF), or Input Type 05 (Button RF). Not all devices will support all input types, so it's important to read the instructions for each transmitter carefully, so that you can program appropriately. Exactly how the battery for a wireless device is supervised is directly related to the input type or types it supports. The biggest difference between transmitters and the various input types is that a transmitter which can be used for Input Type 03 or 04 will send supervision signals to the panel automatically. Devices which use an Input Type of 05 must be manually triggered in order to send any type of signal to the panel.

Devices that are able to use Input Type 03 and 04, such as the 5816, always send supervision signals to the alarm panel every 70 - 90 minutes. When programmed as Input Type 03, the panel knows that it needs to receive a signal from the transmitter on a regular basis. If it goes for a certain period of time without hearing from the transmitter, the panel indicates a trouble condition (Loss of RF Supervision) for that zone. When you program as Input Type 04, the transmitter still sends the supervision signal, but the panel isn't keeping track of when it does or doesn't hear from it. The transmitter could be completely removed from the site, and the panel would never indicate a Loss of RF Supervision condition with the unsupervised RF Input Type. When one of these devices has a low battery condition, the low battery signal is piggybacked on the supervision signal, or on any transmission the device makes. So, even if this is a 5816 on an unused door or a window, the panel will be able to tell when the battery gets low. It will indicate the low battery condition about 30 days before the battery dies.

Devices that use Input Type 05, such as the 4 button key fobs and some panic buttons, never send a signal unless one of their buttons is pressed. This means that if the user doesn't regularly use the device, it's possible for the battery to die completely without the panel ever knowing it was low.

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