What is a good L5100 compatible deadbolt lock?

With Z-Wave functionality, the amazing Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 can provide more than just traditional security. By adding Z-Wave home automation devices, the L5100 turns your home into a smart home. One of the most popular home automation devices, is a door lock. The Yale YRD210 push button and the YRD220 touchscreen locks are the perfect addition to your Honeywell wireless security system. Both Yale Z-Wave locks are deadbolt locks and by simply replacing your existing deadbolt with one of the Yale locks, you can easily add Z-Wave lock control to your LYNX L5100 system.

You will need to add the L5100-ZWAVE module to your LYNX L5100 system before you can add any Z-Wave device. Once you have upgraded your panel with the Z-Wave controller, you can add up to four Z-Wave locks.

With the Yale deadbolt locks, you can actually program your L5100 user codes to sync down to the lock so that the code you use to arm and disarm your system will be the same code you use to lock and unlock the Z-Wave deadbolt. Also, you can program the L5100 control panel so that when you lock the deadbolt, it automatically arms your security system. That way, you can simply leave the house, close the door and press your four digit code on the Yale lock and you will know your house is fully secured.

At the same time, you can set up your LYNX Touch system so that when you unlock the door from the Yale lock, it will automatically disarm your security system. Setting up your Z-Wave locks in this way makes using your security system easier than ever.

If you subscribe to one of our alarm monitoring plans that includes Remote Home Automation, you can even control your Yale Z-Wave deadbolt locks from your Total Connect 2.0 app on your smartphone.

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The geofence reminders would be setup through your Total Connect 2.0 account. Does your monitoring company provide free technical support for you on your TC2 account? If not, you should consider switching to us as we have low-cost, no-contract plans available at https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring and we are experts on your system and do provide free technical support.
Hey Frank, thanks a bunch for the help. I will look into the geofencing reminders now, I appreciate you testing things out. Is geofencing found in the manual? I will google around as well.
Yes I recommend disabling the auto locking feature for this lock. You can configure geofence reminders to remind you if you leave the house with the system disarmed. You can also create a rule to lock the doors when you arm away. The only trick there is that the door would have to be unlocked and locked again if you are arming away at the keypad inside the house. Let me do some testing on the Kwikset lock with the auto arming enabled. Just to be certain.
Hey Frank, I was using the Kwikset 916 Z-Wave SmartCode Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt.
Which lock do you have specifically?
Sterling, does the auto-lock feature of the lock have to stay off if you want to control the lock with totalconnect? I read it says if you set scenes it has to be off but I tried using the lock without scenes and when it auto-locks it doesn't show as locked on the app and when I go to lock it the system goes into a funk and I have to power cycle. I am thinking the feature has to be disabled no matter what if you're using it on totalconnect.
You wouldn't have been able to include to the LYNX Touch if it was still included into the Vera in any way so I don't think the Vera being powered on is the reason the batteries are draining quickly.
Not yet, wanted to see if the Vera controller maybe an issue first. I'll remove the Vera and try excluding and re-include one lock first.
Did you try Julia's suggestion of excluding the locks from the LYNX and then re-including them but waiting a solid 10 minutes before clicking anything on the touch screen after each one is included?
Frank/ Sterling - I have a location where a Lynx 5200 and 3 Kwickset 910 locks are installed. The locks were previously paired with a Vera controller with no issues. Since paring with the Lynx, the 3 locks are burning through batteries at a rate of a set every 2 weeks. The Vera is still on at this site to operate a camera. Another location has a 5200 and a single Kwickset 910 and operates normally. This site does not have an active Vera controller. Do you think the locks at the first location maybe trying to communicate with the Vera even though the locks were excluded on the Vera and included on the Lynx? Any help would be appreciated.
We have experienced varying issues with the BE468 and 469 models. I think you did the right thing by getting away from Schlage altogether. Keep us posted if you need any help with the Kwikset and Yale units.
Yes. It will lock using Total Connect and will lock and unlock from the panel. It will only unlock with the PC or Phone TC 2.0 using scenes. It has also twice lost every code that was programmed and locked someone out of the house.I have decided to return it. I have both the Kwikset 910 and the Yale 210 on the way. I had a 909 before with a Z-Wave module that started losing codes after 7 years. Kwikset refused to warranty that because it was an aftermarket module. Thanks for your response.
Just to confirm, your lock works when controlled by a scene but not when you try to manually lock/unlock through the Automation icon of your L5100?
Thanks so much for the post. I bought the BE 469 and the only way I could get it to unlock is with a scene. Question (if your still monitoring a year old thread), I can return the lock and get a Kwikset 910 for about the same price and I never had issues with it integrating to my Lynx 5100 or pay about $25 more for the Yale 210. Advice?
I don't believe the system allows you to select different scene setup based on how the lock was locked.
Question about general operation of these locks paired with a lynx 7000. When configured to auto arm/disarm is it possible to take different actions based on how the lock was tumbled (i.e., keypad, key or knob)? For example, I would not want my alarm to arm when locking the dead bolt from inside the house.
If you get another one, just get a Yale YRD 210 or 220 OR Kwikset 914.
Awesome (well not really) but I'll keep that in mind. Currently I only have one lock so that shouldn't be an issue for now.
Chris, I appreciate your feedback. I have found that isolating the lock into its own scene has worked for some people. The reality is that this lock is just unreliable. Some customers have no issues at all while others experience z-wave controller crashes when executing commands to the device. I would not recommend this lock to anyone looking to integrate it with a Honeywell Z-wave controller. With that said, isolating the lock into its own rules and scenes seems to be the best way to prevent the deeper issues from showing their face. Also, I have noticed that including more than one of the BE468/BE469 into a single rule or scene can cause systemic crashes. So be sure to isolate each lock if there is more than one on the system. Thanks again for your insight Chris!
Frank, I just installed one of these this past weekend. Once I found that it wouldn't unlock through Total Connect, google sent me here. Just wanted to add that if you put the lock in a scene by itself, it seems to work pretty well as long as it's used through the scene only. -C
Hi Mike, Unfortunately, there seems to be minor compatibility issues with this specific door lock. I have some customers where it works great and others that have experienced system crashes. I steer my customers away from them during the pre-sales conversation because of their inconsistency. Shlage now offers the FE469 which is also a touchscreen and I have found that model to work well with the Honeywell panels.
I am having the same problem. Is there any update on this?
Hi Gary, In the FAQ below, I mentioned that the BE469 does not work reliably with the Honeywell Z-wave controllers. I have found that the new firmware version (FE469) works much better. I still have an open case with Honeywell on the BE468 and BE469 door locks. If anything develops I will be sure to reach out to you. https://www.alarmgrid.com/faq/how-do-i-include-my-schlage-z-wave-door-lock-with-my-l7000-lynx-
I have a Schlage 469 motorized lock. I can lock it through TotalConnect 2.0 but can not unlock it. Any idea why this may be happening?
Hi Corey, He never emailed us so no, we haven't resolved his issue yet.
Sterline, its Corey, did you get this guy resolved I bet we are running the same lock.
Hi Ryan, Email support@alarmgrid.com and we'd be happy to send over the LYNX Touch home automation guide.
Sterling, any chance I could get this document emailed as well? I'm having trouble disarming my L5100 with a Schlage Z Wave Deadbolt lock. I have user profile set for Z Wave Lock Control on "Yes" and Z Wave Unlocking Door set to "Disarm".
Hi Robert, You can setup scheduling for the Z-Wave actions/scenes but there is no way to tell the lock not to be active at all during certain hours.
is there a way to disable the yale lock so it does not work during the night time
Can you email us at support@alarmgrid.com asking for that document? We'd be happy to email it to you.
Please, kindly email me the instruction too. Thanks
Yes Clark, that can be done. I emailed you a document that details how to sync user codes in the panel down to the lock and then you can setup different responses for each code.
Is it possible for the L5100 to recognize and respond differently to different user codes on the lock? For instance, if I am leaving for work and want to Arm Stay for my family vs. we are all leaving and use a different lock code that triggers an Arm Away

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