What is a Loop on the Lyric Gateway

The loop programming has to do with a sensors zone programming within the Lyric Gateway.

A loop is a wireless sensor programming option. Certain security devices support multiple functions that are enabled individually by programming the loop setting. An example of a sensor with these features is the 5816 wireless door/window sensor. The 5816 has a reed switch as well as a pair of terminals where a Normally Closed, hardwired contact can be connected. The magnetic reed switch is selected for use when the sensor is programmed into the Gateway with loop 2 selected. This will allow the sensor to be installed next to its magnet to indicate when a, door, window or any other opening, is opened or secured. When loop 1 is enabled, the hardwired terminals are selected for use. A Normally Closed, magnetic contact can be installed and have its wires connected to the 5816’s terminals. Both of the loops can be programmed into the system and used simultaneously. To do this, a user will program an individual zone for each loop input. The zone designated for the reed switch will use loop 2 and the zone designated for the hardwired terminals will use loop 1. An example of when this may come in handy is when you have windows with screens, and you want to monitor each opening. You can use the 5816 with the magnet and reed switch (loop 2) on the window itself, and you can tie a Normally Closed, magnetic contact (using loop 1) to the screens, and into the terminals on the 5816. This way, both the screens, and the window opening are protected.

The Lyric Gateway is compatible with 5800 series wireless devices and the SiX Series wireless devices. It can interface with all 5800 devices except for those that require a House ID to operate. Two examples of this are the 5828 wireless keypad and the 5800 WAVE wireless siren. Honeywell has said they plan to roll out the House ID feature to the Gateway with a future firmware update, though there is no timeline for when this may happen. The 5800 wireless devices have a 200 foot operating range, are not bi-directional and contain many different devices as the 5800 line has been available for many years. The SiX Series devices are fully bi-directional, have a 300 foot operating range, and operate with full 128-bit AES encryption. All zone programming must be done remotely via AlarmNet 360, and requires that an AlarmNet account be created for the system prior to programming.

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