What is the Best Doorbell for the Honeywell Lyric Security System?

The best doorbell for the Honeywell Lyric Security System is one of the SkyBell Doorbell Cameras. These devices include the SkyBell DBCAM and DBCAM-TRIM. These will serve as true smart doorbells with chime functionality on a Lyric. Another option for a doorbell is the 2GIG DBELL1-345.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security systemBy integrating a smart doorbell with a Lyric Controller, the user can receive system alerts whenever someone is at their door. If the user is away from home, they can receive alerts through Total Connect 2.0 regarding any activity for their smart doorbell. The SkyBell Doorbells also serve as cameras so that the user see who is at their door right from the SkyBell App or the TC2 Mobile App. Please note that a user does not need an alarm monitoring plan with video surveillance to use a doorbell camera. Up to five (5) SkyBell devices can be integrated with a TC2 account.

Alarm Grid recommends the SkyBell DBCAM and SkyBell DBCAM-TRIM as the top options for smart doorbells. These are 1080P HD Cameras that provide the user with a quick look at any activity that occurs outside their door. The user will receive a notification to their smartphone whenever the doorbell has been pressed or when its integrated motion sensor picks up any movement. Both the native SkyBell App and the Total Connect Mobile App work great for this purpose. And a two-way voice feature allows the user to have a live conversation with the person at their door right from their smart phone.

But if a user doesn't need video functionality with their doorbell, then the 2GIG DBELL1-345 is a simpler alternative. With this device, the user will not be able to obtain a live look at the person in front of their door or engage in two-way audio conversation. But the user can still receive system alerts both locally and remotely through TC2 when the device has been activated. It's important to note that the Lyric must running firmware version MR3 or higher to support this device.

There are a few considerations a user should make when using the 2GIG DBELL1-345 with the Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel. If the device is programmed with a Response Type of "Garage Monitor", then will not work when the Lyric Controller is set to Armed Stay mode. But the device will work in Armed Stay if the Response Type is set to "General Monitor". The downside to using general monitor is that the system will not provide chime functionality for the sensor. Instead, it will only provide voice annunciation. Both the "Garage Monitor" and "General Monitor" options can be selected by setting the Device Type to "Other".

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