What is the best wireless motion detector?

Check out Honeywell's great line of wireless motion detectors to see all of the wireless motions to choose from. It is hard to say which one is the "best" because the best motion for one situation may be the worst for another. Here are all five Honeywell wireless motion sensors with brief explanations of why they are the best for their specific application.

Sick and tired of false alarms? Can't figure out if its your cat jumping off the stairs or the HVAC vent that keeps tripping your motion. The Honeywell 5898 DUAL TEC motion detector uses traditional passive infrared (PIR) and K-band microwave detection to reduce false alarms without compromising sensitivity. Both technologies must register motion in order to trip the alarm which reduces the chance of a false alarm. This dual technology makes this motion state-of-the-art and arguably the best wireless motion in the industry.

Looking for a reliable motion sensor that won't break the bank and will prevent those annoying false alarms from your pets (up to 80 pounds)? Check out the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES pet immune, residential motion detector. This is a solid choice when evaluating a motion for price and effectiveness. This is arguably the most popular Honeywell wireless motion sensor and it is included comes with every LYNX Touch L5100PK security system kit.

Want to get a bit more out of your motion detector? The Honeywell 5800PIR has three separate programmable loops. The first loop (default loop) includes pet immunity up to 80 pounds and has a low sensitivity (pulse count 2). The second loop has a high sensitivity (pulse count 1) without pet immunity. The third loop is for an optional low temperature alarm which faults when the room temperature drops below 45° F for more than 10 minutes and restores when the temperature rises back above 48° F for 10 minutes. The temperature loop is programmed individually and will be seen as its own wireless zone.

With an operating temperature of -4° to 122 ° F and an IP54 weatherproof design, consider the Honeywell 5800PIR-OD. This outdoor motion detector is your best bet for protecting any exterior zone. The 5800PIR-OD has two separate passive infrared (PIR) sensors that detect motion independently in both zones. Motion detection in a single zone will not trigger an alarm so that debris or small animals will not trigger false alarms. You can select a high and low sensitivity setting as well as a desired pulse count so you can customize your sensor to reduce troublesome false alarms.

Want to protect a long corridor or large open space? Although the Honeywell 5800PIR-COM is the only 5800 series motion that does not have built-in pet immunity, it is an excellent sensor for long range open spaces. If its 60 feet by 80 feet default detection range is not enough, simply use the included long range curtain lens which extends the range to 100 feet by 20 feet. The 5800PIR-COM's "look down" mirror allows you to mount the sensor above a door in a long hallway and without compromising motion detection from the doorway below. Just like the 5800PIR, the 5800PIR-COM has 3 different loops that offer the same features.

Not only are Honeywell motion detectors best in class in the alarm industry, they are extremely simple to enroll and program into the popular L5100 Lynx Touch alarm panel. Check out Sterling's Youtube on "How to learn the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES motion sensor to your L5100." The best part about a wireless motion is not having to run a wire which allows you the flexibility of mounting them where you would like. Check out our video, "How to Install a 5800PIR-RES."

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