What is the difference between a gsmv and gsmv4g?

The most distinct difference between the Honeywell GSMV and the Honeywell GSMV4G is that the GSMV can only send signals on AT&T's 2G cellular network while the GSMV4G can utilize the 2G, 3G or 4G networks. With the 2G sunset on the horizon, Honeywell decided to release a newer, faster cellular communicator that is a great option for Honeywell VISTA series alarm panel owners. To be clear, AT&T plans to replace their existing 2G cellular network with newer 4G towers by the end of 2016. This process has already begun in New York City and may affect your alarm system sooner than you know it.

All in all, the GSMV4G is a better option that has a long life to live. If you are looking long term but want a great dual path which uses internet for its primary path and cellular as its secondary you may want to check out the iGSMV4G. This is also a great option for anyone looking to match speed and reliability.

The 2G sunset has left alarm owners in a tough position for several reasons. Not only are the 2G based cellular communicators going to be useless so are some of the systems they live in if cellular back up is desired. Essentially, alarm panels like the LYNX PLUS or the L5000 LYNX Touch do not support the new 4G cellular cards such as the GSMVLP5-4G. Trying to tackle one piece of hardware at a time is not an option since the 2G communicators do not work with the newer panels and the older panels are not 4G compatible!The long and short of it is that eventually you will have to upgrade your existing panel and its cellular communicator.

Do you have an existing Honeywell wireless system and looking to maintain cellular back as we approach the 2G sunset? Since you are able to reuse your existing wireless sensors you can simply swap in a new L5100 Lynx Touch alarm panel and install a GSMVLP5-4G cellular communicator.

Looking for a new wireless alarm system with cellular backup? We recommend you look at our wireless cellular security system(s) page.

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