What's the Difference Between an ADT Glass Break and a Honeywell 5853?

There is no difference between an ADT glass break and a Honeywell 5853. The Honeywell 5853 is the same glass break sensor that ADT provides to their customers. If an ADT customer decides to leave ADT in favor of a different alarm company, they can bring their ADT glass break with them.

The Honeywell 5853 is a glass break sensor that is part of the Honeywell 5800 Series of wireless sensors. The 5853 operates at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz. This makes it compatible with any Honeywell Lyric Controller, Honeywell LYNX Touch System or Honeywell VISTA Panel with an added wireless receiver. The 5853 can also be used with the GC3 and GC2 alarm panels from 2GIG.

The 5853 uses a dual sound detection method when monitoring a glass window or casing. The device listens for both the high pitched "shattering" sound of glass breaking and the low pitched "thud" of an object striking against glass. Both of these sounds must be present and heard within a very short period of time in order for the 5853 to activate. This makes the device less likely to cause any false alarms on the system. If a user wants to test their 5853 sensor, they can do so using an FG-701 glass break simulator. This helpful FAQ outlines how to test a 5853 glass break using an FG-701 glass break simulator.

If a customer is monitored by ADT, they may be provided a Honeywell 5853 glass break sensor as part of their security setup. The sensor may be re-branded to include the ADT name on the device. However, it is actually just a Honeywell 5853, and it will operate in the same manner. If the user decides to leave ADT, they can bring their old glass break sensor with them. The device can then be used with any alarm system that supports that sensor.

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