Which Cameras Are Compatible w/ the Qolsys IQ Panel 2?

The cameras that are compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 are the Alarm.com Cameras. These cameras are used with all Alarm.com-compatible security systems, like the IQ Panel 2. This service is used to view the live feed for the cameras and for changing their settings or configurations.

Alarm.com is more than just a controller for an IQ Panel 2 alarm system. The service also serves as the central hub for any Alarm.com camera that is being used. It impossible to view a camera from an IQ Panel 2. Instead, a user must access their Alarm.com account in order to do this. This platform is also where a user can make changes to the settings and configurations for the cameras. Basically, the Alarm.com service is vital for anyone who wants to use security cameras with their IQ Panel 2.

One great feature of Alarm.com Cameras is that they can maintain a continuous 24 hour recording cycle if desired by the user. This is accomplished by using an ADC-SVR100 Stream Video Recorder with an Alarm.com Camera. As long as there is space available on the user's ADC account, new recordings will continue to be saved. By accessing Alarm.com, a user can view this footage and save it for permanent use.

Alarm.com offers many camera options for end users. A great camera for outdoor use is the ADC-V722W. This camera features a tough, weatherproof design, and can record video at up to 1080P HD quality. It also offers night vision for capturing video in a dark environment. Overall, the ADC-V722W is the ideal security camera for use outside. If outdoor use is not needed, then the ADC-V522IR is an excellent choice. This is another 1080P HD camera, complete with night vision and 113° viewing angle.

Remember, an alarm monitoring plan is required to use any Alarm.com Camera with the online service. A user will also require access to an Alarm.com Account. To do this, a monitoring plan with cellular service is needed.

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