Which Communicators are Compatible with the Lyric Gateway?

The Lyric-CDMA and Lyric-3G are compatible with the Lyric Gateway.

The Lyric Gateway is Honeywell’s newest all in one panel, and has three possible communication paths. The system is built with an integrated WIFI communicator as well as an Ethernet jack. The top of the unit opens to reveal a bay where a user can install a cellular communicator. System operation is the same with either the AT&T or Verizon communicator, so a user will want to select the communicator that corresponds to the strongest available signal in their area. The Lyric Gateway can use any one of the three paths as its sole method of communication, or they can also combine WIFI or Ethernet with Cellular communication in a Dual Path setup. In this configuration the system will use WIFI or Ethernet as its primary path and Cellular as its secondary path. When Dual Path is enabled, the system will automatically switch to the secondary communication path if the primary fails.

The Lyric Gateway is manufactured with a built in Z-Wave Plus controller. It can support up to 76 Z-Wave devices simultaneously. Within these devices, there can be 6 Z-Wave garage door openers, 6 Z-Wave door locks, 60 Z-Wave light switches and appliance modules and 6 Z-Wave thermostats. The Gateway can also integrate 4 Lyric WIFI thermostats (Total Connect 2.0 required) in addition to the 76 Z-Wave devices. As the Gateway has no digital display, Z-Wave devices need to be programmed with the use of MyHome Gateway. The MyHome Gateway app is free to download on the iOS and Android app stores. To connect to the Lyric Gateway with the app, the device running the app will need to be connected to the same network as the Lyric Gateway. For details on setting this up, click here. With the MyHome Gateway app, Z-Wave scenes and rules can be created, Z-Wave can be activated and devices can be included or excluded.

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