Which locks work with a Honeywell L7000?

The Honeywell L7000 LYNX Touch is a wireless security system. Out of the box the panel does not support Z-Wave but you can easily add the L5100-ZWAVE module. This is a card shaped Z-Wave controller which installs in the same fashion as the L5100-WIFI module on the opposite end of the board. This controller allows the L7000 to control up to 6 door locks, 4 thermostats and 40 lights. The most popular Z-Wave deadbolts and door locks are Kwikset, Schlage and Yale.

Yale is the high-end option when it comes to aesthetics in my opinion. The Yale Real Living series: YRD210, YRD220 and YRD 240 all speak Z-Wave and work well with the L7000. These are dead bolts not door handle lock. The 210 model has push buttons while the 220 and 240 models are touchscreen keys. The 210 and 220 both have keyed deadbolts as a backup. The 240 is completely key free so that you can only use the code to unlock the mechanism.

There are some quirks with the Yale series. Some of the models have issues syncing up the master code and allowing it to disarm the system. There are work arounds that allow you to map any other user to disarm the system based on unlocking the door. This is a setting that is disable by default. However you can configure the system to arm when you lock the door and disarm when you unlock it.

Kwikset seems to be best option when it comes to reliability and ease of install. The Kwikset Smart Code series: 910, 912, 914 and 916 are all compatible and seem to communicate more reliably than any other door lock manufacturer. The 910, 914 and 916 are all dead bolts; whereas the 912 is a door lock with a handle. One tricky thing about purchasing these locks is that they have a version that supports Zigbee and another for Z-Wave. The L7000 only supports Z-Wave so be sure to verify that the unit you purchase says, "Speaks Z-Wave" on it. The 916 is the only touchscreen model. All others are rubber push buttons.

Schlage is the most popularly sold Z-wave door brand on the market. HOWEVER we have experienced compatibility issues on the Schlage BE468 and BE469 models. Sometimes they work great and others they do not work at all. In some cases, we have seen these door locks be the root cause of system crashes as well. Although some of them work just fine, we do not recommend Schlage door locks. If you already have them and cannot return them, you can test at your own risk. Otherwise, get a Kwikset or Yale.

**Please note: All of this information also applies to the L5100 and L5200 LYNX Touch models**

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