Who Makes the Best Home Security Systems?

The company that makes the best home security system is a subjective opinion. That being said, many security experts would argue that it is Honeywell. The company has produced several fantastic security panels through the years. Qolsys is also widely applauded for their IQ Panel 2.

In terms of having a proven track record, Honeywell is second to none in the security industry. Their VISTA Series has been praised by many, and it was seen as revolutionary at the time of its release. VISTA panels are still widely used today, and they are often the go-to for users who want a hardwired security system. With some minor upgrades, most VISTA panels are fully capable of almost anything that can be done by newer systems.

Honeywell continued to set the bar very high when it ventured into wireless security systems. Its LYNX Touch Series Panels are very easy to use, and they offer all of the features one would expect out of modern security systems. Their innovative touchscreen displays completely changed the game for the security industry. Operating a security system became a much more straightforward process for end users. No longer was it necessary for users to follow programming guides or remember various menu codes. These panels are still very popular for users who want an easy-to-use and fully functional security panel.

Today, Honeywell's flagship panel is the Honeywell Lyric Controller. Honeywell took everything that people loved about the LYNX Touch Panels and made them even better. The company produced a top-of-the-line security system with an impressive modern design. The biggest addition to the Lyric is its compatibility with Honeywell SiX Series Sensors. These state of the art sensors are easy to enroll with the Lyric, and they are fully protected by 128-bit AES encryption. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers to compromise or spoof these sensors in any sort of way. SiX Series devices also offer an impressive range of about 300 feet. Overall, a Lyric Controller with SiX Series Sensors is considered by many to be the most secure home security system available today.

Although it's tough to match Honeywell's proven track record, other security companies have produced outstanding systems of their own in recent years. One such company is Qolsys. Their IQ Panel 2 is very comparable to the Lyric Controller, with some even arguing that it is the superior panel. The IQ Panel 2 boasts a beautiful, 7 inch LCD touchscreen display, and it is possibly the thinnest and most compact wireless security system on the market today. The IQ Panel 2 is capable of connecting with Qolsys S-Line Sensors. Just like SiX Series Sensors, S-Line sensors are protected with rolling code encryption. They are remarkably secure, giving users the security and peace of mind that they deserve. The IQ Panel 2 is also praised for its easy to navigate menus and quick learning curve. Of course, it offers all of the features and capabilities needed from a security system today. It is also one of the few systems that comes pre-included with a built-in LTE cellular communicator.

The choice between the Lyric Controller and the IQ Panel 2 largely comes down to preference. If you want a panel from a proven company with the track record to back it up, you can't go wrong with the Lyric Controller. However, if you're willing to go with a panel from a newer, less proven company, the IQ Panel 2 is an excellent choice. Many hold the opinion that the IQ Panel 2 is the best looking security system available, and unlike the Lyric, you won't need to purchase a separate cellular communicator. That being said, if you don't require a state-of-the-art security system, older panels from Honeywell's LYNX Touch and VISTA Series make for great selections as well.

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