Will a 6280 Work w/ a VISTA Alarm System?

Yes, a 6280 will work with a VISTA Alarm System. The Honeywell 6280 is a touchscreen keypad that makes it easy for users to arm and disarm their VISTA Panel. The 6280 will not work with any other Honeywell System, and it will not work with security systems from other manufacturers.

Honeywell 6280 talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypadThe Honeywell 6280 is the perfect keypad for those who want a touchscreen controller for their VISTA System. Many users prefer using a touchscreen keypad to operate their systems instead of a push-button keypad. For these users, the 6280 is a good investment. The device features a full-color display screen, and it is generally more user-friendly than a push-button keypad.

The 6280 also offers the ability to perform deep-level panel programming. This is made possible through the device's console mode feature. In console mode, the 6280 will essentially function as an alphanumeric keypad. The user can program the system using the same programming methods as they would use with a standard keypad. All of this is done using the device's touchscreen.

The one downside to the 6280 is that it cannot be used to backdoor into programming. If a user becomes locked out of programming using the *98 menu option, or because they have forgotten the Installer Code, they will have no way of getting back into programming using the 6280 alone. That is why it is important to have another keypad on hand for performing the backdoor method for getting into programming. A great keypad to use for this purpose is the 6160.

If a user also wants to use Z-Wave smart home devices with their alarm system, a great option is to add a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch instead of a 6280 Keypad. The Tuxedo Touch is essentially the same device as the 6280, except it includes a built-in Z-Wave controller. If a user already has a 6280 and they want Z-Wave capabilities, they can add a Honeywell VAM instead. The VAM is a Z-Wave controller without the touchscreen interface. Each device, whether it's a 6280, Tuxedo Touch, a VAM or the Total Connect 2.0 service, will use one of the device addresses for Advanced User Interfaces (AUIs). A maximum of four AUI devices can be used with a VISTA System.

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