Will AT&T UVerse Work w/ a Honeywell Alarm System?

Yes, AT&T UVerse will work with a Honeywell Alarm System. Although AT&T dropped the "UVerse" name, they still offer internet service. This is now simply known as AT&T Internet. You will have no issue using AT&T Internet with your alarm system, as long as it is set up for IP monitoring.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

AT&T dropped the AT&T UVerse nameplate in 2016. Now their internet service is just called AT&T Internet. However, some users may still refer to AT&T Internet as AT&T UVerse. You should have no issue using AT&T Internet with your Honeywell Alarm System, whether you use wireless WIFI or hardwired ethernet.

The only other thing you will need is a compatible monitoring plan to connect the panel with the Resideo AlarmNet360 Servers. Check out our monitoring page if you want to learn more about the monitoring plans offered by Alarm Grid. We have monitoring plans for all types of needs and budgets.

Nearly every Honeywell Security Panel can be set up with internet service. The key is that the panel needs an IP communicator. Some Honeywell Panels, like the Honeywell Lyric Controller, have a built-in WIFI card, for this purpose, which allows them to connect with a local WIFI network with no additional add-ons.

Others, like the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels, require you to add a WIFI communicator so that you can connect the system to a local WIFI network. The LYNX Touch Systems use a communicator called the Honeywell L5100-WIFI for this purpose. Before installing the communicator, you must remember to power down the panel completely.

Lastly, the hardwired panels, specifically the Honeywell VISTA Panels, use IP communicators cannot connect directly to WIFI. Instead, one of these communicators will require a hardwired ethernet connection. If you want to connect one of these systems to WIFI, you will need a compatible ethernet to WIFI bridge, such as the Alarm.com ADC-W110.

Regardless of which type of IP communicator you use, you should have no problem using it with your AT&T Internet service. Just keep in mind that an internet outage will take your panel offline. That is why you might consider getting cellular backup in the form of a cellular communicator. Remember that this will require a monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity.

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