Will Interlogix/GE Sensors Work on a DSC Impassa?

No, Interlogix/GE Sensors will not work on a DSC Impassa, at least in most cases. There are wireless converters that can translate the wireless signal sent out by Interlogix/GE Sensors and make them compatible with the DSC Impassa. But it is usually easier to just use 433 MHz DSC Sensors.

Like most wireless all-in-one alarm systems, the DSC Impassa includes a built-in wireless receiver for interfacing with wireless sensors. In the case of the Impassa, the system accepts sensors that operate at a frequency of 433 MHz. The legacy DSC Sensors operate at this frequency, and they can be readily used with the system. This is generally the easiest option for using wireless sensors with a DSC Impassa.

However, there is one way to use the 319.5 MHz Interlogix/GE Sensors with the DSC Impassa. This is by using a wireless converter, such as the Resolution Products RE524X. This type of device will receive the wireless signal of a sensor and convert it into a compatible frequency that it then outputs to the alarm system. In this situation, it would take the 319.5 MHz signal and convert it into 433 MHz. This is also possible using unencrypted Qolsys 319.5 MHz Sensors and the 345 MHz Sensors from 2GIG and the 345 MHz Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors*.

Please note that DSC also produces a lineup of higher frequency sensors that operate at 915 MHz. These are known as PowerG Sensors, and they are compatible with DSC PowerSeries Neo Systems and any Qolsys IQ Panel 2 with a PowerG Daughtercard. There is currently no type of converter that can convert the 915 MHz signal to 433 MHz. Therefore, even though these sensors are manufactured by DSC, they cannot be used with the DSC Impassa System in any way. When obtaining sensors for a DSC Impassa, make sure that they are legacy 433 MHz DSC Sensors and not DSC PowerG Sensors.

*The Resolution Products RE524X is a universal translator. It can convert 2GIG, Interlogix (GE), Honeywell, DSC (433 MHz), or Napco transmitters to work with 2GIG, Interlogix (GE), Honeywell or DSC (433 MHz) receivers. It cannot convert multiple different types of transmitters at once. You must select one type of Sensor, and one type of alarm panel per RE524X.

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