Honeywell L7000PK10-LTE-A

AT&T Cellular Security System with 10 Door or Window Sensors

Honeywell l7000pk10 4g cellular wireless security system w slash

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This system comes with 1 L7000 wireless security system, 10 5811 door/window sensors, 1 5800PIR-RES motion sensor, 1 5834-4 key fob, and a Honeywell 3GL which is a cellular (GSM) communicator that allows the system to be monitored over the 3G cellular network. For those doing a DIY installation, adding an LT-Cable to your order will make installation much easier.
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The 4G cellular pathway is the most secure pathway available to security system installers. This kit uses the cellular communication pathway, comes with 10 door/window sensors and all the beautiful 7-inch display that comes with Honeywell's state-of-the art, award winning LYNX Touch 7000 panel.


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The 5828 ( ) and 5828V (talking version - ) are compatible as secondary keypads to a LYNX Touch. You can use an unlimited number of wireless keypads and we urge you to consider powering them with a K0991 ( ) if at all possible.
So there is no way to add another secondary keypad/control point?
You can certainly have 2 L7000's, but they will not work together as one system. Currently, the only way to add an additional touch screen keypad to a single system would be to get the L5100 Connect App, which is 99 cents in the app store, and use it on a tablet or phone while you're on the same network as the L7000. You must have the L5100-WIFI board installed in the L7000 for this app to work, and it only works while you're on the local network. It is free to use, once you buy the app though.
Can I have two L7000s on the same system? I'd like one unit with the display in my master bedroom and one down near the entry/exit doors.
Hi Phillip, I apologize but the L7000 actually is the first Honeywell system that doesn't support a phone line so if you wanted cellular and phone line, you should get the L5200 kit instead.
Yes, we can monitor you in AZ and you can use phone line and cellular as your two signal paths.
Does monitoring service cover Arizona
I want to install one of your systems but I would like to know if for dual path you can have cellular and have a land based telephone line connected as your website only shows cellular and WiFi
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