Are LYNX Touch Panels Compatible with

No, LYNX Touch Panels are not compatible with There is no communicator for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels that will allow these systems to be used with the service. But these systems can be used with Total Connect 2.0, as long as they have an IP or cell communicator.

In order to access, an alarm system must have an communicator installed, and the user must have an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to the service. Unfortunately, there is no communicator that will work with the Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems. This is largely because Honeywell offers its own interactive service, Total Connect 2.0, which competes with the platform. Total Connect 2.0 works exclusively with Honeywell Systems, and their lineup includes the LYNX Touch Panels. and Total Connect 2.0 are very similar services that offer largely the same functions and features. Both ADC and TC2 will allow a user to arm and disarm their system, check the current status of sensors, control Z-Wave smart home devices, view the live feed of programmed security cameras and more. Both services also have their own respective mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that allow these platforms to be accessed from essentially anywhere.

In order to access Total Connect 2.0, the LYNX Touch Panel will need a couple of things. First, it will need an IP or cellular communicator that will allow it to access the service. For a WIFI communication path, the system can use the L5100-WIFI module. For cellular, there are several modules to choose from, but the most effective is either the Honeywell LTE-L57V or the Honeywell LTE-L57A. The LTE-L57V will connect the system with the Verizon LTE Network. The LTE-L57A will connect the system with the AT&T LTE Network. Please note that these modules only work with the Honeywell L5200, Honeywell L5210 and Honeywell L7000 Systems. The LTE-L57V requires Firmware Revision 9.00.201 or higher. The LTE-L57A requires Firmware Revision 9.00.209 or higher.

Once the system has an IP and/or cellular communicator, the user will still need an alarm monitoring plan that includes access to Total Connect 2.0. For Alarm Grid customers, all of the monitoring plans except for standard bronze includes access to TC2. However, if the user wants to use smart home automation with their system, they will need a Silver plan or higher.

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