Can Honeywell SiXCOMBO Devices be Interlinked?

Yes, Honeywell SiXCOMBO devices can be interlinked. A feature called One-Go-All-Go makes it so that when one SiXCOMBO device is activated, all of the other SiXCOMBO devices will activate as well. Honeywell SiXSMOKE devices are also included in this interlinked network on the Lyric System.

Honeywell sixcombo wireless smoke heat and co detector

When it comes to life-safety, One-Go-All-Go is an important feature. This feature allows multiple smoke detectors on the same network to all activate simultaneously, even if only one device is triggered. By spreading the sound across a larger area, it is more likely that all the building occupants will hear the alarm and know to take action. This can be particularly important for larger buildings. The SiXCOMBO is one of only a few devices that support this feature. The other One-Go-All-Go device that is compatible with the Lyric is the SiXSMOKE. You can set up your Lyric System so that every programmed SiXCOMBO and SiXSMOKE device will all sound at the same, even if only one device detects an alarm condition.

Just because you have a SiXCOMBO or a SiXSMOKE on your Lyric System does not mean you need to include it with the system's One-Go-All-Go network. In SiX Programming, there is a toggle option to Enable/Disable One-Go-All-Go functionality. Only SiXCOMBO and SiXSMOKE devices that have the feature Enabled with the green circle will utilize One-Go-All-Go. We generally recommend enabling the feature on every compatible life-safety device so that every device begins sounding during an emergency. This will make it more likely that everyone is properly notified in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide (CO) gas outbreak.

Keep in mind that only SiXCOMBO and SiXSMOKE devices on the Lyric can use One-Go-All-Go. If you have other smoke detectors that aren't part of the Honeywell SiX Series on the system, then they will not be interlinked, and they will not utilize One-Go-All-Go. The most prominent example of this can be seen in the Honeywell 5800 Smoke Detectors, which are commonly used on the Lyric System. If you add one of those devices to the Lyric, then you will not be able to include it in the One-Go-All-Go network. While the SiX Series Life-Safety Devices can all be interlinked and simultaneously sound when one is triggered, the 5800 Smoke Detectors cannot do this. They will only activate individually upon detecting smoke and/or high heat.

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