Can I change the sound on a 6160 from steady to warble?

No, there is no way to change the sound on a 6160 from steady to warble.

The 6160 is a 32 character (16 x 2), alphanumeric keypad that’s fully compatible with Honeywell VISTA wired alarm systems. The 6160 is capable of displaying messages in plain English. The keypad is ideal for programming, because it is also capable of displaying menu driven content when programming the system. It is not recommended to hand program with a fixed English keypad, such as the 6150, as the display can’t show all of the menu driven fields in programming. The screen and keypad are both backlit allowing the keypad to operate in low light conditions. The keypad has a large number pad, in addition to 4 oversized function keys on the left side of the keypad. These keys can be programmed to activate an alarm for burglary, fire or medical or to activate other system functions, such as single button arming.

The 6160 comes in three models, the 6160, the 6160V and the 6160RF. The 6160V is a voice enabled keypad that can annunciate zone status. The 6160V has about a 50 word vocabulary, and can speak zone descriptors for alarms, and while in chime mode, if any of these 50 words are used.

The VISTA series panels don’t come with a built-in receiver. The 6160RF has a wireless receiver built directly into the keypad and is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices.

The alarm sound a particular zone type makes on the 6160 is hardcoded from the factory, and can not be changed. So, though different zone alarms may make different sounds on the keypad, the only way to change the sound a particular zone makes, is to change the zone type. Burglary, Fire, and Panic alarms will each have a unique sound. For a burglary alarm the keypad will produce a steady tone; for a fire alarm the keypad will produce a 3 pulse temporal pulsing tone. Newer keypads will do a 4 pulse temporal sound for Carbon Monoxide. The keypad is also able to chime when a zone is faulted, if chime mode is enabled on the panel.

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