Can I Use The Lyric Security System w/o Total Connect?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric Controller can be used without Total Connect 2.0. The Lyric Controller is a self contained wireless alarm system and home automation controller. The Lyric Controller comes with a built in WiFi module and a built in Zwave module direct from the manufacturer.

No additional communicator is needed to be able to communicate with a central monitoring station. But, the Lyric Controller does have optional cell communicators - the Lyric-3G, AT&T cell communicator and the Lyric-CDMA, Verizon cell communicator. Installing the optional cell communicator provides dual communication which is considered to be the most secure form of communication for an alarm system. If for any reason, the internet goes down, the cell communicator will kick in and take over so no communication is lost with the system.

Users can opt to keep their Lyric Controller local, where the siren will sound but the signals will not be transmitted anywhere or activate the WiFi module and cell communicator (if chosen) to connect to a central monitoring station. Central monitoring stations have trained operators that respond to alarm signals received and will contact the user and or authorities if needed.

The Lyric Controllers built in Z-wave module supports up to 72 Z-wave devices, which includes up to 6 thermostats and 6 door locks. Users can program up to 100 actions and up to 150 scheduled events. Z-wave devices can be operated directly from the Lyric Controller.

Most users find having a Total Connect 2.0 account as an advantage and convenience to be able to control the alarm system, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, iOS device and smartphone. Users will be notified via email and or text message on alarm signal or event. Users can add an unlimited number of contacts to be notified as well.

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